Abused or loved?

Abused or loved?

This story is about a girl named Veronika aka Nikki who falls in love with her captor Derrick - he loves BDSM ;P Although it doesn't get dirty for a few chapters, although it is rough

Chapter 4

The Maid

About 8 hours later the door opened and a man I didn't recognize walked in. He looked about 28, 5 years older than Derrick. He had dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes, they were almost yellow. "Derrick didn't believe me until he had you cuffed here, until he knew you were his."
I flinched as he stood next to the bed and leaned over, into my face. "Who the hell are you? How do you know me?" I'd sensed someone watching me for a couple months and occasionally saw a masculine silhouette in the shadows, now I finally knew who was following me.
"Name's Damen, you can call me Mr. Martin. I've been watching you for quite some time Veronica. Derrick told me what he wanted and I knew he needed you. I was right. He loves you, he doesn't know it yet, but I can see it in his eyes and in the way he talks about you, love does strange things to men" He seemed to murmur the last bit to himself instead of me. Leaning over me, he reached over and unlocked the cuffs then pointed at a door across the room I had assumed led to a closet. "He's waiting for you."

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