The Oath We Swore -Group Story-

I just watched Disney's Atlantis, so yeah. The King and Queen have been slowly killing off the people, the life gem does not approve of the way they run the kingdom and has stopped providing them with its powers.The Rebels still use the ancient ways and still have access to the powers. They're goal is to show the Atlantians that they need the gem and the Royals are leading them wrong, even if they die in the process

Chapter 1

Characters :)

by: British_
Name: Ember
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Appearance: Shiny Dark Blue Hair, Blue eyes, Tall, Slender, Freckles, Considered Beautiful for a Rebel.
Personality: Sharp, Quick Thinking, Loyal, Fierce, Brave, Witty, Sarcastic, Hot Tempered, She doesn't trust quick,Stays to herself, Preforms her duties to the letter.
Class: Rebel
Type: Hunter and Fighter
Background: Was born into the rebels, fiercely believes that The Royals should step down and let everyone be free. Her mother is The Rebel Leader and her father is a Royal Guard who supports the atlantians.
Importance: Sh's the best hunter the rebels have, always brings back more game then others, she's excellent at sneaking and pick-pocketing, not the best fighter but she has survival skills.
Love Interest: Fury

Name: Fury (TheSpecter)
Gender: M
Age: 25
Appearance: White/silver hair, average height, athletic build, clean shaved face,
Personality: Quiet, but social and friendly. Between introvert and extrovert; not more of one than the other, kind of in between. Brave, selfless, cool under pressure, patient. Can be cruel and rude at times.
Class: Atlantian
Type: Hunter/Fighter
Background: Long family history of loyalty to the throne of Atlantis, but he does have an understanding of the Rebels' point of view.
Importance to the Atlantians: Highly skilled with a bow and also with knives and hand to hand combat, Fury spends most of his time hunting in the wilds.
Love Interest: Ember

Name-Oceana (dovestorm)
Appearance- Silvery hair that is long and shimmers, hour glass figure, wears a long shimmery silver dress that compliments her hair, pale blue eyes
Personality- Sweet, emotional, innocent, kind, intelligent, caring, responsible, optimistic,
Class- Atlantian
Type- Princess
Importance- symbolic treasure to the nation
Background- born a princess and highly sheltered from the world, her father loves her dearly, but her mother rejects her and calls her ugly and useless
Love interest- Nash

Name: Nash (DZLPS)
Gender: M
Age: 19
Appearance: Short Dark Green hair, silvery eyes, average height and average weight, and a slanted, goofy grin.
Personality: Determined, awkward, smart, independent, loyal, and sneaky.
Class: Rebel
Type: Scout, Fighter
Background: Was born into an Atlantian family but turned into a rebel once he found out what they were doing. His parents are both citizens and think he is dead, He had found out about their plans by overhearing some guards talking about it.
Importance to Rebels: Provides information and is hard to spot. Has a great skill in far-ranged combat.
Love Interest: TBD


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