Somebody To You

Teenage Love Story. <3
Enjoy (:

Chapter 1

First Day Of School!

I walked through the bright colored halls, I could see Chloe and Trish at the end of hall. I pushed passed people as I hugged some of the people from last year. I could see Matthew stare at me, As I walked passed. He is so hot! He's the hottest guy in school, But I choose not to drool over him like the other girls. He already has a big ego about himself; And his girlfriend Vicky has a even more bigger ego. Maybe that's why her head is so big.
It's filled with so many lies. Now! I know what your thinking, And no I'm not just jealous. She made my life a living hell last year, I just wanted to choke her purple and throw her off a cliff and watch her get eaten by a bunch of sharks! But no, I was taught to follow the golden rule.
Except I wasn't allowed to treat her like she treated me. According to the Principal.
Also known as my mom. Mrs. West! (Woo Hoo! I'm so lucky to have my mom here at school with me, We get to be even more closer.) No. I hate it.
She's another nightmare in my life, Just more of an embarrassing one.
She showed baby pics of me for throw back thursday in front of the whole junior high and for the rest of the year I was called DimpledBuns. >..< Aaliyah, Mae, And Juan.
The 3 devils in my life, I sware they want me dead. I wouldn't be surprised if i woke up with a knife stuck inside my head. O.O "
I heard someone yell. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts, As I looked up to see i was getting tackled with hugs. "We missed you! We haven't seen you all summer!" I laughed as Chloe started getting emotional.
"Haha! I missed you guys too, I have so much to tell you. You would not believe what Derek did!" I said.
I could see Trish grow tense; She's always does that. I don't know why ? She grew tense when I bring up his name. Like they dated or something, But she'll tell me if they dated.
She's my best friend, And I know she'll never lie to me or hide anything from me. That's what friends are for right ?
"What did he do now ?" I laughed as Chloe started rolling her eyes. "He cheated on me again and then tried coming back to me." I said. "Oh my god! He is such a Man Whore." Chloe Yelled. "
Shh! I don't want him knowing I'm talking about him, He may start to think I want him back even more." I quietly said.
"You know you should just leave him alone, He obviously doesn't want you. I'm kind of tired of hearing your stories about him, I mean no wonder he keeps cheating on you.
You tell everyone your damn business, And you don't give what he deserves! A real women please her men in every way, I guess your just not a real women yet to understand that. Your still a child, I have to remember that sometimes I forget. Trish Snapped.
I looked at the Chloe as she looked back at me, I could feel her tugging on my arm. I just wanted to rip the skin off this chick.
"Trish! What the hell ? You have no right to say that to her. That was just mean and uncalled for; If you don't want to hear what she has to say to about Derek.. Then get the hell away from us. You might as well finish kissing up to his butt, Because that's the only thing you have been doing! While he's going around her going from licking other girls butts and kissing there lips." Chloe Snapped.
"Yeah! And what do you know about pleasing ? Your boyfriend left you for another guy. Oops.. I forgot I wasn't never suppose to bring that back up! Because he made you feel like you weren't good enough. He wasn't pleased with you at all.." I said.
I could see the fury in her eyes as she grew tensed. "What are you going to do! Hit us ? Come on hit us right here!" We laughed as she started walking away. "Bye Cry Baby! Cry your way all the way down the hall! Maybe you could please more people while your at it! Hahaha!" I said.
I started hearing the first bell rang; As me and Chloe started walking to our lockers; Grabbing all our books and other supplies needed. "What's your first bell class ?" Chloe Asked. I looked down at my schedule. "I have geometry with Mr. Gray." I said. "Oh. I have history with Mrs. Finkle."
I laughed as she grew sad. "Is that even a name ?" Chloe started giggling. "I don't even know. It sounds like a name i would name my hamster! And besides Mr. Gray ? Really ? That sounds so boring." I started to grin. "Not if you twist it!" I laughed as her face grew red. "Don't even go there! You are so mean!" I giggled as we hugged and departed. "I'll see you at lunch." Chloe Yelled.
"Okay! And Don't fall in love with the new math teacher, I heard his a hunky.
"I could hear her laughing down the hall. I slipped in my earphones as I walked into class, I could feel everyone staring at me. I looked to see the only seat available was by Liam. Woo Hoo.
I really scored the best seat in the class. NOT. He always smell like Tuna mixed ham and my dad's feet and Juan's arm pits all mixed together. And he's just weird... And he's.. Did I mention he was weird!
I sucked in my breath as I walked back there, I could feel my heart dropping 1000 feet as I set down. "
Hey." I moved my hair out of my face, I looked to the cutest boy in the world, He was hotter than hotter. He was hotter than Matthew.
"Wow you look different!" Wait! Did I just say that out loud ? "Thanks. And yeah you did." His voice!
It is so deep and Just Grr! How does the weirdest and ham smelling guy transform into this Hunk! "You actually don't look bad yourself.. I mean not that you look bad at the time, Because you don't.
Y-You actually look beautiful all the time. And I should be shutting up right now." I giggled; Gosh! He is so cute.
"Keep talking I could listen to your voice all day, Well not all day.. That'll be weird. More like stalkerish and I'm not a stalker. I promise! Because then that'll be weird.. Let me just be quiet."
I started blushing as he smiled. "Well this is awkward." He said. "Yeah it is.." I started organizing my books on my desk, As my one of my binders fell. "I got it." Liam said. "No it's cool, I have it."
I felt our hands touch as we grabbed for it. I could feel little tingles go through my hand, I looked up and Liam as He looked up at me. I started leaning in as his soft lips passionately brushed against mine. "Keyara! What the hell ?" I knew that voice from anywhere. Oh no. I looked back to see...


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