CANCELLING GROUP STORIES! (Must read if you're in any of my group stories)

Chapter 1

School's Back, Kitty's Busy.

by: Grunge
Well, I'm back in school. It's my first year of 10th Grade and I'm getting really busy. As you probably already know, I'm in a shlt ton of group stories here on Quibblo. And if you didn't know, I've already discontinued a good number of them. As of now, I'm temporarily cancelling (I have no clue for how long) a number of my group stories. I'm sorry to let you down if you wrote for it, or just enjoyed reading it, but they might be back later (keyword: might... but hopefully). I'll still write for all of my other group stories, but I'm doing this so I can.

Here's the List:

Yeah, I know, that's quite a bit I'm cancelling, but just remember they might re-continue at some point if all the authors are up for it.

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm a busy girl with a lot of problems and I hate to cut some shlt out for a while,


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