CANCELLING GROUP STORIES! (Must read if you're in any of my group stories)

Chapter 2

Bad News (I guess?)

by: Grunge
Well, I've gotten even busier if you haven't noticed. I haven't been writing for the last surviving stories I'm in, let alone even coming on Quibblo. Yeah, kinda sad. Sorry about that by the way. Well, I'd love to stay here on Quibblo to keep hosted on you guys and do other things, but I have to cut out the rest of my stories... I'm sorry! Seriously. I suck, I know. -.- I haven't been writing for them anyway... They just take up too much time and effort and I've obviously lost interest in them. (However Dimidium I will continue writing for because I have legit bussiness with the story/I'm making it into an actual graphic novel eventually). So, again, sorry dudes. :( But it's a must. I'd like to stay on Quibblo to talk to you guys and do other things, but I have to cut stories out so I can stay focused on school and stuff without it knawing at the back of my mind.

Sorry to disappoint again!

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