13 going on 30. (a superwholock fanfiction)

Superwholock with a real person start. Do not OWN anything

Chapter 1

Airport Awesomeness

"Rosemary you can trust me." Kyle said to me. "Don't, Kyle just don't" I said before turning and walking away. " Fine, if I can't have you no one can." He said before he shot me with a gun he had stole from his officer father and left me to die. Which in hindsight was stupid. Left me in my own flat where I had a adoptive father, but I always called him by his first name, Sherlock, who would find me and hopefully save me. He had met him only a few times but knew he worked with the police as a consulting detective. Yes, Sherlock Holmes would save me, I hope.

2 years earlier…

"Come on Nikki we have a flight to get on and we still need to get Matt!" I yelled up the stairs to my best friend. We were at my house and the taxi was outside. My parents were in London. Matt or Matthew, Nikki, and I were going to meet them there. Ok before I go further I must say that we were big Doctor Who, Supernatural and Sherlock nerds, so going to London was like a dream for us. "If you don't get you butt down here, now I am going to leave you here and just take Matt, and not bring you anything back!" I yelled again and that time it worked. She flew down the stairs and out the door to the taxi with her bags. " Here I am, Sorry for make you wait" she said. " Ya, Just get in" we put our bags in the back and kept our backpacks with us.
We made it to Matt's place and he got in the taxi soon after. We made small talk all the way to the airport and then got our bags and ran to the check in desk. We had matching SuperWhoLock backpacks and they had our vlogging names, Meggan Grayson along with Jaide Capri and Zach Wozn, embroidered under the picture. I Had Sherlock and the Doctor on mine, Matt had the Doctor with Sam and Dean, Nikki had Sherlock, The Doctor, with Sam and Dean on it. We were walking to our gate when someone tapped my on the shoulder. I stop and turn around to see my friend YJ. I called her YJ because of the fact I couldn't say her real name. I had forgotten that she was meeting us at the gate. She had to come because she was our number one fan and her parents had to go on a business trip and we had to watch her (she was only 3 years younger than us, we're 18). She joined our little group and then we went to the gate and sat down to wait for boarding.

We had been talking about how sherlock lived the reichenbach fall and I had turned my notebook into a flowchart explaining it with my sonic screwdriver, when a man walks up with a few others laughing and tapped me on the shoulder. I turn around and there in front of me is Matt Smith in full Doctor mode with Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock, along with Martin Freeman as Watson, and those two dudes (What I Forgot their names!) as Sam and Dean. At that point I thought I went crazy. I turned and looked at the others in the SuperChocolateify team and their jaws had dropped. "Great Matt you broke them." Said Benedict. I at that point snapped out of it and said "Ummm, Hi." My first words to them were 'Ummm, Hi"! how stupid am I. Matt Smith looked at Ben and said "Their those kids that have that great theory for how Sherlock survived and before that they had how I survived and before how the Dark Knight survived. They are the SuperChocolateify team!" That gathered some looks from the old people that were sitting in front of us. Then, It gets better he starts listing out our vlog names, "Meggan Grayson is the one with the sonic, Jaide Capri with the laptop, Zach Wozn with the camera, and YJ soul their biggest fan." Lets put on the record that we were live streaming that and that went online because one viewer wanted a better explanation on that. "WOW. You know your stuff…we were livestreaming here say 'hi' to the camera." SuperWhoLock looked at the camera and then back at me. Matt/Zach, and of the lack of confusion Matt/Zach is Superchocolateify Matt, looked at me and pointed to his watch, I knew that I only had 5 or 6 minutes of explanation left so I said "I only have a few minutes of explanation left so, if you want to meet after we could meet somewhere, if that's ok?" SuperWhoLock look at each other and nodded, then Ben said, "Ok we were going to get something to eat before Matt went all fangirly so meet at gate E25 down that way?" I looked at my team and they shrugged and nodded. So, I turn back around and nodded and was about to speak when Nikki cut me off by saying, "Sure love to." in a false and bad british accent. SuperWhoLock walked out of sight and that's when I went into fangirl mode and slowly turned around and looked at the camera and Matt and asked "Did you get that?" Matt nodded and said "We just got more viewers and subscribers, so go back to what you were saying."

So, I went back to talking and finished and we did our sign-off and started to pack up. We all put our laptops away and Matt put his camera away and grabbed our carry on bags on top of the backpacks. Then, we went to the gate we had said we would meet them at only to realize that our backpacks showed how big fans we are.

We were within sight of the gate when, out of nowhere Matt Smith comes running and slides to a stop in front of us. Superlock comes running towards Matt Smith and also come sliding to a stop in front of us. Then, someone yells "SuperWhoLock, get back here and take your bags!". I look to who yelled, and of course it was Jenna-Louise Coleman dressed as Clara Oswin Oswald. They all run back and take their bags from her and ran back with her following. She looked at us and when we didn't say anything.

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