Not About Angels

Cause what about, what about angels
They will come, they will go, make us special...

(Short story- maybe one to three chapters?)

Chapter 2


"Daddy!" The brown-haired child runs over to her father and clutches his leg. "Daddy, you're home! I knew you'd come home! I told Mommy, that you had to have faith, you know, and she said 'I don't know, sweetheart,' and I told her that you'd always come home, cause you always do."

The father's face turns from a wide smile to a worried face.

"Cecily, tell me. What's the most important thing to you? What would you die for?"

Little Cecily blinks and looks up at her father. "You always ask me that, Daddy."

"I know, Cecy. That's because it's important. One day you'll be alone. And this is the most important lesson I'll ever teach you."

"Are you sure?"

"I've never been more sure, Cecily Marilys Harper."

He pauses, then asks again. "Tell me, Cecy. What would you die for?"

Cecily answers promptly, the answer she's always been told to reply with. "Emma. My sister is the most important."

"And," her father's voice cracks as he says the rest, "would you sacrifice yourself for her, if it's your last resort?"

"Yes, Daddy. Emma is more important than me." Cecily looks sorrowful as she says this, as if she knows what she's vowing to. But she can't. She's only four.

This is the promise that my daughter has been held to since before her little sister was born. Her father always favoured Emma over her, and expected me to do the same. But to this day, she still doesn't know that she's not loved by the father she wants so desperately to come back to her.

If only I could tell her, and she would believe me.

~ ~ ~

"Marilys." I implore, looking up at my husband as I cradle the quietly crying girl in my arms. "Let's call her Marilys. It means 'beloved.' What could be a better name than that?"

He frowns and shakes his head. "She looks like you, Ariiana. She was supposed to look like me."

"We didn't know for sure. You only hoped." I say. "I'm sorry if it displeases you. If we have another, she or he will look like you, surely."

"They'd better." he mumbles.

"Marilys, then? I've been thinking of a middle name too, Marilys Bellona Harper. Bellona is the Roman goddess of war, and courage. Little Marilys will have fire in her, and she will know she is loved, she will always be loved."

"That name sickens me, Ariiana." he growls. "If I were to name her, I would name her Cecily. It means 'blind' - and a good fit it shall be! She will be blind to her beauty, blind to the world. She will be blind to the promises she will make, and what they truly mean for her."

"If you wish." I am disgusted by the name, but I will not fight against him.

He walks away, and I cradle the beautiful, rosy-cheeked baby in my arms. As she falls asleep, I whisper to her.

"You have a great fire in you, Cecily Marilys Harper."

~ ~ ~

I softly climb the stairs to Cecily's room, my heart pounding in my chest like I've run a marathon. The door creaks as I open it, and see, on the soft double bed, that Emma is curled up in Cecily's arms. Both of them are sleeping.

"Oh, my Marilys." I whisper, kissing her on the forehead, then Emma. "You have a fire in you. Even after all these years."

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