ABC Repost

Chapter 1


Available: Errr...what?

Birthday: August.

Crushing on: I'm crushing a can.

Drink last had: Sunkist (That explains the can, now doesn't it?)

Easiest person to talk to: My dog.

Fave song: And when she comes...she will tear you apart...limbs all over...blood all around...hush little baby...Mommy's around...(This came from my head four years ago)

Giggling: At what?

Hometown: Somewhere on planet Unicornlandaandcatsflyingcats

In love with someone: Myself, me and my myself have not broke up in 16 years (We were together from the day I was born :3).

Justify your personality: Errr....I don't know...retarded in a Patrick way?

Killed someone: Only in The Sims, mostly people I hate...then randoms...

Longest car ride: A day.

Milkshake flavor: Shaking milk.

Number of siblings: 5, Two on my mother's side, other three on my father's side.

Quibblo Content: I don't know really...

Reason to smile: Hugging my sister, my dog...

Song that I last sang: It was the song on the 'Fave song' thing.

Time I woke up today: Why would I know that?

Underwear colour: Blue purple yellow white and black.

Vegetable: Carrot :3

Worst habit: You don't need to know this...

X-rays done: I honestly have no idea, I have a short memory.

Years living where I live: 16 Years since fleeing from Unicornlandaandcatsflyingcats

Zodiac sign: Leo (I'm also a cat person, and say "I AM A CAT!!!!!!" a lot)

Random questions:

Spell my name without vowels: Lgr, what...

Color I wear the most: I have no idea...

Favorite thing to do: Read, draw, run around like i'm on fire...

Favorite class in school: Math since it's so freaking easy!

When do I go back to school: Already doin' school.

Am I dating anyone: I've already told you this, i'm with Myself!

Can I dance: Yes, in my book.

Tie a cherry stem in my mouth: You can do that?

Whistle: Yep.

Cross my eyes: Nope. I cannot do that without looking at my brain once or twice.

Curl my tongue: In a weird way, yes.

Temperature outside: I don't really know, as mentioned before, I have a short memory.

Cried over the opposite gender: My male cat, Thor, I thought he ran away.

Height: Somewhere around some height.

Kissed someone: Technically.


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