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Chapter 2

Doctor Who and Beatles Fanfic Mashup

Written By: timelord101 and MrsHarrison1965

Summary: N/A (?)

Characters: Just, The Beatles band, and the Doctor and Rose Tyler, his companion.

Grammar/Spelling Rating: 7. Lacey's was all right, although for quotations, you want to use this symbol (") instead of this ('). Timelord101's, was, to say the least, poor. It wasn't as bad as I've seen before, but #1, you capitalised some of the verbs in the middle of the sentence, which is a no. Secondly, you forgot some periods and misplaced some commas. Thirdly, there are no paragraphs. Fourthly - you keep forgetting possessive apostrophes! That's important! Stomps foot. (I have to admit... I'm liking this bossing-people-around stuff.)

Originality/canon Rating: 6. This time, Lacey, you're the one going wrong. I know you haven't watched much Doctor Who, but seriously. The TARDIS doesn't make a "Rumbling like thunder" and a "flash of light" when it appears. It just... sort of whistles and screeches its way into existence. Also, the Doctor doesn't talk like you're making him. As well as, the Doctor's screwdriver doesn't just open doors with locks: it opens doors without locks, and does a whole lot more than opening doors, despite what you've probably heard. Also, Rose would so not fall for a guy like John. Just sayin'. She loves the Doctor. :P
Another thing is, the Beatles, as far as I know, did not watch Doctor Who, or know about it at all. It did air in their time, but it was a failing show then, and it was about to end for the first time until continued in 2005. So, I don't know why they'd know what a TARDIS was, or that they'd know it was the Doctor.
Timelord101 - as far as I could see you were fine with canon. :)

My thoughts: I liked the plotline, it was fairly written, just some grammar errors that I can't stand (Grammar Nazi over here, sorry. .-.) Rose was a very well developed character in especially timelord101's chapters, I liked her very much. Lacey, work on Doctor Who canon. -_- Try to get your friend to help you with that.

Other: Rose was my favourite character, as said before. I don't think there's any more. Oh, try for a more original title, perhaps?

Overall rating: 6. This was a OK fanfic, very nicely developed plot, but it's not the best I've ever seen.

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