A story based upon a scary dream I had 4/9/14.
The main word I knew was "Incorecta/Incorrecta". Does it mean something?
A story of friendship torn by hatred & death. Jacob McHael & Damien Lore were not the ones to have been friends, nor make them, but they find themselves drawn together by their situations & death.

Chapter 1


by: Cozy_Glow
Damien looked up to see the group of girls approach, insults & sniggers awaiting on their lips. He sighed & put his laptop aside in hopes it would be out of harms way.
The first girl to speak was their leader, Jaimie. A fair-haired, pretty young lady with behaviour to fit an aggressive mongoose.

"Oh look, it's our friend the geek~" she smiled.

Damien looked at their shoes, ignoring the comments with experience of long years. The girls continued to speak poison, but not a word was heard or felt. Finally, they went aside to try another form of attack, the physical sort. They took a light coating of plaster to their hands & tried to touch him on the face. Damien knocked their hands away, keeping his face from the attacks as best he could.
Ellen, a brunette newer to the group, gave a light slap to Damiens' cheek to which he received with a slap to the top of her head. Ellen went to put her hand up, but knocked the laptop to the concrete. Damien stood up, picked up his laptop & turned to Ellen.

"I'm sorry."
Ellen looked both surprised & confused. "You shouldn't be saying 'sorry'."
"Yes I should."
"Because I'm not like them."

And without another sound, turned swiftly & walked away. Ellen stared after him with the confusion of a bully being silently forgiven. The other girls just laughed as Damien vanished behind a building.


Damien trudged home & sat at the table to do some homework. His mother gently poured icing over a freshly baked cake, smoothing it over it with practice & perfection.

"Mum, can I tell you something?"
"Of course." she replied, not taking her eyes from her work. "I'm all ears."
"Well, there's some kids..."
"That want to be your friend?"
"That are picking on me."

Damien slowly explained the days troubles to his mother. When he'd finished & she'd finished, his mother looked up & laughed. Damien sighed & continued his work.
Thanks for your time, mum...


Without much thought, Damien slipped into the office. He sat down on the comfy lounge in silence, waiting out the bullies for as long as he could. He'd never really tried hiding, it never worked, but today he felt compelled too. For what reason, he could not trace.
That day he would meet Jacob, a bad boy with a tendency to trip & fall at the drop of a hat.

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