My Roleplay request

this is just my list of things I like to Rp and the rules I go by

Chapter 1

My Roleplay request

by: Songo88
TV and Movies

True blood (Godric)
Game of Thrones(Robb stark)
The Avengers(Steve Rogers)
Boondock Saints (Murphy)
The Walking Dead(Daryl)
Sons of anarchy any season(chibs)
Law& order(Elliot Stabler)
criminal minds(Spencer Reid)
Ghost Adventures(Zak Bagans)
Dog and Beth on the hunt/Dog the bounty Hunter(Leland chapman)
Lord of the Rings(Legolas)


Wolf’s Rain(Tsume)
Fullmetal Alchemist(Roy)
One Piece(Zoro)
Yu yu hakusho(hiei)
Yugioh(seto kiba)
Creepypasta(laughing Jack)
Teen Titans(Speedy)
Blue Gender(Joey Heald)
Outlaw Star(Gene Starwind)
Rave Master(Hedara Musica)
Rurouni Kenshin(Sanosuke Sagara)
S-CRY-ed(Ryuho Ryu)
Samurai Champloo(Jin)
Trigun(Nicholas D. Wolfwood)
Witch Hunter Robin(Amon)

The Band List.

Asking Alexandria(ben)
Escape the fate(Craig)
Tokio Hotel( bill or tom)
Bullet For My Valentine (Matt tuck)
HIM(ville valo)
The 69 Eyes(jussi)
Pierce The Veil(vic)
Sleeping with sirens(Kellen)
The Dreaming(Christopher hall)My Darkest Day(matt Walsh)
Framing Hanley(kenith Nixon)
Candlelight red(Ryan Hoke)

Rules & Information

Grammar and style;

Grammar and spelling isn't an issue as long as I know that your trying to say we should be fine but I will not except one liners I RP in third person and paragraph form only I can't deal with one liners any more but I will not except novel style ether I just can't match that I like one decent sized paragraph per side maybe two if I'm really inspired but if you write more that's fine just understand I may not match your length but I will do my vary best to try also know that with grammar my brain only understands capital letters and periods so if you have perfect grammar and punctuation or none at all it will read the exact same way to me I will RP here or over email just let me know your preference.

Love interests and Other Character;

I don't mind having outside characters and or multiple love interests cause I love drama and all he fun things that come with it.

Smuts and other things;

I’m more than willing to smut and full lemons and I’m more than willing to do a lot of it I’m willing to do things relating to abuse, violence, gore, death, etc as well and really I have almost no limits but I WILL NOT do any Pedophilia beastiality.

messages and Replies;

pleas take your time there is no need to send rushed replies I will not bother you about it I'm on all the time cause I have no life off the internet but I know most others have busy lives so I will give you a week before asking about replies.

Attitude and Fairness;

Keep things fair make sure that both sides and if I'm doing something on your side of the rp that you don't think works for the idea you have in mind for the plot on your end tell me I will be happy to talk and adjust things to something you find is more of what you had in mind.

Terminating an RP;

If you no longer wish to roleplay with me then pleas tell me don't just ignore me I find it rather rude cause if I have to stop the rp I will let you know.

Everything Else;

I don’t mind doing more than one roleplay at a time I don’t mind if you just want to talk on the side lines or in another message in fact I encourage outside talks and getting to know my partners.

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