Byeeeeeeeeee Everybody! ^-^

So for those of you who dont already know, I'm going to china!

Chapter 1


So as the intro says I'm going to china.

I was selected for an exchange to Wuijiang. I leave My town on Saturday at 5pm, and Australia at 9am the next day. So I will arrive in China at about 6:30pm on sunday :))))))))))

I then stay with my friend, who has already done her exchange to here. I stay at her house for a week, go to her school for 2 and a half of these days, and then do various tours and things throughout Wuijiang.

I then leave Wuijiang and have 3 nights in a hotel in Beijing where Im doing tiananmen square, great wall tours and heaps more!

So to say Im excited would be a major understatement since Ive barely been sleeping all week I'm that keen ^-^

Also very nervous as Im very fussy with foods haha....And also because my boyfriedn and bestfriend will be in Japan and it will be very difficult to talk to them and this will last a whole 20 days...........So pretty nervous.

But anyway the whole point of this was to tell you that I wont be online for quiet a while, so please go easy on the invites haha.

Love you all


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