Fighting For Love. (Poem)

I wrote this a long time ago. I can relate to this poem 100%. To make the poem easier to read I added the Him and Her parts.


Chapter 1

Fighting For Love

by: flyhi
Him: "I love you."
Her: "I hate you."
Him: "You're so beautful."
Her: "You're so ugle."
Him: "I want you."
Her: "I want you to leave."
Him: "I think of you all the time."
Her: "I don't think of you all the time.
Him: "Puppys are cute."
Her: "Kittens are adorable."
Him: "Let me get you're coat."
Her: "Let me get my own coat."
Him: "I'll be you're bee if you'll be my honey."
Her: "I'll bee gone getting my own honey."
Him: "In Autumn the tree's leaves fall, just like how I fall for you."
Her: "In Autumn the tree's leaves fall, as everything dies and gets cold."
Him: "I miss you."
Her: "I never did miss you."
Him: "I care about you."
Her: "I don't care about you."
Him: "I'll be you're pop if you'll be my corn."
Her: "I love popcorn."
Him: "Life is short-..."
Her: "Just like me?"
Him: "No you're perfect in every way."
Her: "I don't believe you."
Him: "I always beileve you."
Her: "Go away."
Him: "Go and stay."
Her: "I had enough."
Him: "Then be mine!"
Her: "No way!"
Him: "I won't shut up then."
Her: "I won't say a word then."
Him: "I'll ask you again to be mine."
Her: "I'll ask you again to leave me be."
Him: "As you wish."
Her: "As I what?"
Him: "As you wish, I'll leave you be."
Her: "No, wait."
Him: "Yes?"
Her: "Yes."
Him: "Yes, what?"
Her: "I'll be yours."
Him: "'In hell you will', is what you said."
Her: "And this is hell."


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