About Me

About Me

Chapter 1

Who is Iris Fey?

by: Iris_Fey
Hello everyone, I'd like to tell you guys a little about me. First off I am the creator behind the scripts that Leo has posted when he was here. He and I have been working on this project since 2011. The picture you see at the top is the logo for my series. I am not sure if I'll post anymore on here but I have been working on them and posting them on G+. So if you guys are interested in reading the revision please look for the Ace Attorney community on G+.

I am 21 years old, I live with my boyfriend Nicolas and my twin sister Irene (aka Dahlia.) I am also caring for a 16 year old girl named Tamber Smith who is also on G+ now. She suffers from PTSD and is terrified to talk to anyone. I am in college now going for my bachelors in Psychology and Child Behavior. This will be my second year. I am one of the nicest people you will meet, I don't talk to a whole lot of people, but I will talk to some of you guys. I usually talk to people in hangout on my G+ account because it's easier for me to respond to people. I also support the Dreams To Dream Foundation in helping kids fulfill their dreams. I talk to a bunch of kids who's showing a lot of support not only for themselves but also for other kids in the community. Each and everyone of them work real hard to work together and that is one of our goals is to have all the kids work together. Though you might see me on this account I'll be mostly active on my G+ account so follow me there if you'd like to talk to me.


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