La Groupe Légend Signer (authors chosen) ^-^

The French title doesn't have anything to do with the story. :P I'm pretty sure I spelled a bunch of stuff wrong anyway. I'm really bad at French. XD

Chapter 1

hello all

A small, not-widely-known college called Callysta Creek only selects a few students every year. In fact, it's one of the most exclusive colleges in the country, but the problem is, nobody knows about it.

Every year, the schools around the country suggest to several seniors in the class that they might apply to Callysta Creek, that it's a very good school and it has their best interests at heart. They are warned that it's hard to get in. Every senior that is recommended applies.

Four to six characters (our characters) are the lucky students who get in. However, as the characters learn more about their school, they realise that perhaps it isn't just what meets the eye, that this school teaches something more. Maybe the students are being trained for something...

-If I even see the words "beautiful", "gorgeous", ect ect ect, in your character forms, you know you're not going to get in, right?
-Please try to come up with some different names. I don't like "Mary" or "Jane" or "Sally". Sorry. I like originality! But don't go too far. (e.g. Do not name your character "Ebony Darknes's Dementia Raven Way".)
-I would prefer if your character had a love interest with one of the characters in the story. You can sign up with a original love interest, sure, but that decreases your chances of getting picked.
-Please don't sign up if you aren't on the site very often or you can't write a lot. I'd like this story to be moving fairly quickly.
-I'm not putting a ban on combat boots but don't make your character too punk or dark...

Character form:

Name -
Nickname(s) -
Age - (17-19)
Appearance - (Be detailed!)
Clothing - (Polyvore links are OK too!)
Personality - (Again, stun me! ^-^)
Background - (Tell me why he/she was recommended for the school, her life before college, why he/she wanted to go.)
Love Interest -
Other -

Name - Noira (noy-rah) Avalon Hunter
Nickname(s) - Ava (infrequently)
Age - 17, late birthday.
Appearance - Noira has thick dark red-brown wavy curls down to mid-back, with bangs that reach down to her eyebrows in front of her face. She has high cheekbones that jut out slightly to the side when they end, and her cheeks are slightly hollowed out. She's skinny, a little underweight for her age, and on the shorter side, 5'3".
Clothing -
Noira was always a more proper girl, more Victorian in her tastes and was never satisfied with just a T-shirt and jeans.
Personality - Stubborn and deceitful. One could say she's too clever, and too careful. She doesn't let herself get close to anyone, and is constantly worrying about whether she made a good impression on someone or not. She's on the quieter side, but when she does talk, she tends to intimidate people around her. Inside, however, she's afraid that if she gets too close to someone, they'll hurt her, and she covers that up by radiating an imposing aura. As a result she's become slightly sociopathic over the years.
Background - Noira grew up with her father as an only child. She never really got along with her father, they were a very dysfunctional family, and she blamed herself for her mother's death, when her mother died in a fire around their house when she was ten. Her French teacher, Madame Alexis (pronounced aleixee) recommended Callysta Creek to her, and she looked into it, asking her teachers about whether she could go. Those who knew of it were adamant that she was a very good candidate for the school.
Love Interest - someone in the story
Other - Noira loves reading, and has a very good memory.


Any questions you can ask of course! ^-^ Sign up my lovelies!

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