Roleplay Request!!!!!

If anyone is interested in roleplaying with me then please check out my rules and message me.

Chapter 1

Roleplay Rules

Ok so I have a craving to start some roleplays up and below is just a list of some rules I have regarding the roleplay. I also have listed some possible shows, books, movies and animes I am willing to do. Please let me know if you are interested! I also have a password somewhere in this message just to prove that you read everything.


Style and Grammar:

I only roleplay in third person, paragraph format, no script format please, it just seems messy and unprofessional. Also no text talk! I am not a huge stickler when it comes to spelling and grammar, mistakes happen and I can deal with that, as long as you try your best and it is readable I don’t care!


I completely understand that you have a life outside of roleplay and may not be able to reply every day, because I do to. However I would greatly prefer it if you would try to reply at least once per day, which is what I usually aim for. I am pretty good about replying and sometimes might reply more than once in a day, you don’t have to do that if it is too much, just try to reply once.

If you are going away for a long period of time and won’t be able to respond, then PLEASE send me a message letting me know, and I will do the same for you. Also if you would like to stop roleplaying at any time just let me know, no hard feelings.

Lastly, I do not accept one liners! I am very good about giving long responses and I expect you to do the same. I’m not talking novels here but like two solid paragraphs or 8 sentences will suffice. I will usually try to match how much I respond to what you’ve given me. If we are at a boring or filler part of our story then shorter responses are absolutely fine!


I control my OC and you love interest(s) and you control your OC and my love interest(s), simply as that! PLEASE do not control my OC at all, and I will not control yours. Your character is yours personally, and you should be the only one to control it, the same goes for me. Also do not control your love interest(s) and I will not control mine, however you can always give my ideas of things you want your love interest(s) to do and I will gladly add it in for you.

Love Interests:

Ok here’s where it gets tricky. Below I have listed possible things I will roleplay along with possible love interests. If a show, movie, book, etc. only has one love interest next to it, I will most likely not change. I’m sorry but that’s just how it is. Some possible roleplays I am more lenient with and will have a couple love interests. I will not fight with you about a love interest so if we have the same one, please offer an alternative or I will respectfully decline your offer.

Also, I am very willing to do more than one love interest for you as long as you do the same for me. For example if we were to do a Kingdom Hearts roleplay like this. I would ask you to play Saix and Axel as my love interests and you could choose two for yourself. If it completely up to you how you want that to play out, so get creative!


Usually I don’t plan out a plotline before we begin roleplaying, but if you would prefer that then I am definitely willing to hear your ideas! I would like, however, simply to plan the setting and what point in time our roleplay is taking place. I usually don’t do AU’s, I’m just not a big fan, but if you can convince me of an idea you have, I may give it a try.


I do mature roleplays! I don’t have any limits besides bestiality and incest, if you have any others please let me know, I don’t want to accidentally make you uncomfortable. I prefer lemons and smut in my roleplays so if any of that makes you uncomfortable then I am probably not the roleplaying partner for you. I am also total fine with swearing, gore and violence, and I would like it if you were to, however I won’t go overboard with that stuff!


We will each only have one OC unless we are doing an original roleplay. I don’t really mind mary sues or gary stues all that much, as long as you are not making your character the prettiest in the world that all the boys want or the most powerful so that no one can defeat them, that type of thing. Other than that your OC is however you want them to be. I don’t mind if your character is related to any other character either, my love interests or my OC.


I would prefer to roleplay through email only because the messaging on here can be screwy sometimes. However, if you are not comfortable with that then I am absolutely willing to do it through Quibblo.

The password will be to put your love interest(s) as the subject of the message to let me know that you read everything!

~~Roleplaying ideas~~

key- means if we are only doing a solo love interest then this is who I choose

Hunger Games --- Cato

Catching Fire --- Finnick*

Harry Potter --- Draco, Fred, George

Teen Wolf --- Isaac
, Derek

Sherlock --- Sherlock*

Black Butler --- Sebastian, Claude

Les Miserables --- Enjorlas

Star Trek --- Kahn, Spock

Avengers --- Steve
, Bruce

Twilight --- Jasper, Jacob, Emmett, Paul, Jared

Naruto --- Sasuke, Shikamaru, Gaara, Kakashi

Akatsuki --- Itachi, Deidara

Ouran High School Host Club --- Kyoya
, Hikaru

Kingdom Hearts --- Axel, Saix

Pokemon --- varies

Digimon --- depending on season, Matt
, TK (season 2), Koji, Thomas*

The Outsiders --- Johnny, Dally, Steve

Warriors --- varies

Criminal Minds --- Spencer
, Derek

Vampire Diaries/The originals --- Elijah, Klaus

Samurai Champloo --- Mugen

Percy Jackson --- Luke*

X-men --- varies

Harvest Moon- varies

Lost- varies

Original roleplays --- teacherxstudent, supernatural, or almost anything if you have any ideas let me know

If there is something that isn’t on this list that you want to roleplay, PLEASE ASK, I may be able to do it!

If you want to roleplay, just send me a message with the password and also include what you would like to roleplay and if you have any limits!


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