Survivor - Scorn's Quibblo Edition

Chapter 1

Survivor Characters

by: Scorn
So I am going to make a Quibblo survivor of sorts where YOU the readers get to choose most of what is going on (and I'm going to write it!).

So what is going to happen, you will make up characters who you would like to be involved. I will involve 16 characters who will "compete" in competitions, and the readers will vote on their faves and twists that might happen.

I will play with the characters a bit, by making alliances, betrayals, and all sorts of fun stuff to happen. While the readers will have a say in everything that is happening, I will get the final say (bwahahah!).

So first and for most, I need some characters!

If people don't make characters, I can make some, but I want a LOT of reader involvement! This is a fun challenge for me to try and write =) The more feedback, the better!

So here is the form. Make up your character to be anyone! Someone evil, someone you know, maybe even you! Preferably, make them memorable and different!

Please MAIL me your characters. Preferably adult characters please! Let's say I made a character named Scorn, I would send me [Character - Scorn].

Comments are for discussion/fun. Ideas will be mailed and polls will be sent out, or I will send out direct mails to the people who get involved (so maybe YOU will be the final decision on who you want to leave....).

Once I get enough involvement, the characters will be posted in the next chapter.

Character form:
Appearance (eyes, hair, ethnicity, height, looks):
Where are they from?:
Nervous Gestures/Habits/etc:
Personality (shy, outgoing, trustworthy, optimist, pessimist, etc):
Goals (romance, win, betrayal, etc):
And other interesting information:


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