Chapter 1


by: blackxkat
Hello! My name's Katie and I'm in need of some procrastination. The school year has started back up for me so that means when I'm not in class, I'll need something to do in between assignments.

I have a few awesome partners right now but I would love to have a some more!

My rules are similiar to everyone else's. Basically, don't do something to me, that you would be upset over, if I did it back to you. Sound okay?

I have zero limits but I have no problem respecting whatever yours may be.

As for length, I tend to write longer paragaphs but I'm open to any length you prefer as long as it's more than a few sentences.

I prefer to roleplay via email, I'll give it to you after we discuss on here.

Now on to the things I'd like to do! My crushes will be included but I can change who my crush is on almost all of them.

I also do many more things, always ask!

-Harry Potter

-Avengers (or any other Marvel movie) [Tony or Loki]

-Batman (preferrably Nolanverse but it doesn't matter) [Joker]

-American Horror Story [Depends on the season]

-Basically any horror movie

-Gossip Girl [Chuck]

-Orange is the New Black [Depends]

-Celebrity [Tom Hiddleston]

-Original (list below)


-Arranged Marriage

-Assassin x Target

-Doctor/Nurse x Patient

-Employee x Boss

-Forbidden Romance (any kind, really)

-Friends with Benefits

-Master x Slave

-Royal x Civilian

-Stripper x Client

-Teacher x Student

There are many things I'd do or be willing to try but aren't on my list so PLEASE ask me!

Hope to hear from you soon!


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