This story is about a girl, Marguerite, who has no idea where her parents are. No one ever calls her Marguerite; they call her Lilly. She is in foster care, and her new foster parents are all but kind to her. She wishes to find her parents and go back to them, when she is kidnapped. Will she ever escape? Or will she live with her kidnappers forever?

(Marguerite's (Lilly) POV unless it says otherwise)

Chapter 1

Introduction to Marguerite's (Lilly's) Life

by: camprock
I sit uncomfortably in the plastic chair, waiting for yet another new pair of foster parents to come pick me up. I look up and see a man and a woman walk towards me. My agent is with them.
"Marguerite, this is Calvin and Patricia," my agent says.
Patricia looks at me, and the look is not very welcoming.
"I prefer Lilly," I say.
"Well, Lilly, if you will follow us, we will go home now," Calvin says to me, with a look the same as Patricia's.
I pick up my suitcase and extra little bags and walk through the building with them.
"Put your things in the trunk," Patricia tells me when we reach the car.
I do as she says, and then climb into the back seat. As soon as my car door closes we zoom off.
"Now Marguerite," Calvin starts.
"I said I prefer Lilly," I interrupt.
"We will call you whatever we please," Patricia says. "Do not interrupt either of us again."
"We have a few rules that you will follow," Calvin proceeds. "You need to be home by 9 o'clock every night, you need to treat Patricia and me with respect and do whatever we tell you. If you fail to do either of these two, it will result in a punishment. You will need to tell us when and where you are going and how long you will be out if you leave the house. Other rules will be states once we get home."
Okay. Well, for me, this isn't going well so far. They do not seem to like me. At all. Why would they be foster parents if they don't even like teenagers?

We get to "home" and they tell me to go unpack. The house is gargantuan; no doubt they are rich.
"Your room is the 4th on the right," says Calvin.
I walk up the stairs. Right when I reach the top, I run into something. I almost fall backwards, but, what I soon realize is a human, grabs me quickly and pulls me past the stairs. They let go, and I look up at the person.
"Hi," he says.
"Hi," I reply.
"You must be," he starts.
"Lilly," I say quickly before he can say Marguerite. "Well, my name is Marguerite, but I prefer Lilly."
"Ah. Okay. I'll show you your room."
I follow him to my room, and walk in.
"You can go ahead and unpack, if you want. By the way, I'm Josh."
"Thank you, Josh."
He leaves and I walk over and set my bags on the bed. I sit down, open my suitcase, and pull out the only thing I have from my childhood; a picture of my parents and me. My mother has dark brown hair, like me, but my dad has a dirty blonde color. I have my dad's ocean blue eyes, and my mother's dark brown hair. I don't know their names. I do, however, know my last name. Marguerite Lillian Hanson. It doesn't quite sound as normal, and it doesn't roll off the tongue like most names, but I like it, although all the other foster kids tell me that my parents were high when they named me.

"Marguerite!" Calvin yells. "Dinner is ready!"
I was already starting to come down the stairs, so it takes two seconds to walk down. Before I'm visible, I hear people talking.
"She said she prefers Lilly" I hear Josh say.
I hear the sound of flesh hitting flesh.
"Was I talking to you?" I hear Calvin say. "I don't care what she prefers."
I walk out into the dining room before anything else can be said. Sure enough, though, there is a bright red mark on the side of Josh's face. I sit down in an empty chair.
"You're late," Patricia says with a disgusted tone to me.
"You just now called me," I reply, confused.
"6 o'clock is the dinner hour. You come even one minute late next time you will be punished," Patricia states.
I'm surprised at their severeness. Josh and I eat silently while Calvin and Patricia ramble on about news and what not. I glance over at Josh, who looks like he is barely able to hide his rage. His eyes betray his fury. He glances up at me, and I quickly look away and continue eating.

Sitting in my room, I start thinking. I really want to find my parents. And I know how. If I just find where Calvin and Patricia keep their files, they will probably have my birth certificate. My birth certificate has my parents names on it. I was never allowed to look at it before, but why not? I guess for multiple reasons. I get up and start walking around the mansion to see if any room looks particularly interesting. I walk down the hall away from the stairs. I come to a dead end, with a giant oak door at the end. I'm guessing this is Calvin and Patricia's bedroom.
"Why did you get another one?" I hear Patricia yell.
"Our former one is tending to slack off now and again. I am figuring that with two, things will get done faster, which means that more things can be done," Calvin replies.
"Fine. But if she so much as sneezes without permission I will beat her. I should have done that to Josh as soon as we got him, instead of waiting."
I start to back away, and when I hear footsteps, I turn and start running down the hall. I turn a corner and run right into Josh's chest and I fall on the ground. I look up at him and, out of breath, try to explain what I just heard.
"Lilly, Lilly, stop. I can't understand you," Josh says. He looks up and I'm guessing he hears whoever just walked out Calvin and Patricia's room. He pulls up and into his room. He brings me over to his bed and makes me sit. He walks into his bathroom and brings out a cup of water and hands it to me.
"Thank you," I say quietly.
"You're welcome," he replies. He leans against the wall and stares at me.
"Can I help you?" I say, uncomfortable with him staring at me.
"You are staring at me, and it's making me uncomfortable."
He lets out a little laugh. "Sorry, I guess some things are too beautiful not to look at."
I stare at him disbelievingly. He does not seem at all affected by my staring or anything he just said.
"Thank you, I think," I say.
He smiles. I take this moment to get a good look at him. He is very good looking; dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, his nose is the most perfect nose I've ever seen, and his bleach white teeth are framed by perfect lips.

Later that night, I fall into a deep sleep, dreaming of a world with my mother and father.


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