Love Story (Last Chapter Written)

Love poems written by Teva Sacredmay (Me).

Chapter 1: Call It True Love
Chapter 2: Forbidden Love
Chapter 3: Need To Know
Chapter 4: Numb (Last chapter I will write.)

Chapter 1

Call It True Love

You stand there and talk to me.
The smile on your face brightens up my day.
I love you.
You've said that you love me too.
I want to be with you.
But I know I can't have you.
Is this love is?
I've never felt love before?
Do you truly love me?
We are from two different worlds.
Will we ever be together?
Is this real?
Am I dreaming?
Or is this gonna turn into a major heartbreak?
I love you.
But do you really love me too?

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