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Hi there! My name's Eabha and I am very interested in restarting roleplaying! Below I have a list of my rules and what I am willing to roleplay!

Chapter 1

Roleplay Request

[ Rules ]

i. length. i like my roleplays to be long. i'm not especially talking about novel but i would rather at lest 15 - 10 lines. i only write in paragraph form. i have never done script and i'm not interested. honestly i don't even know what it is but from how people talk about it i'm not interested. i understand if every now and then you can't write that much all the time, people get writers block.

ii. mary sues. a bit of a controversial topic but i think it is important. i can stand for a certain level of perfectness, looks , personality and such but if in the world your OC is all powerful and all knowing than i think it's going a bit far, for example don't shove a vampire in a world where it doesn't suit example. naruto, one piece, Soul Eater

iii. limits. i have none. well besides hardcore things like bestiality, pedophilia, etc. i'm okay with girlXgirl and boyXboy. i don't even mind if it's a big part of the roleplay but just make sure that you tell me that's what you want.

iv. friendship. i like to get to know my roleplay partners. i don't mean having full conversations every time if that's not what you want but i like to at least feel comfortable around you.

v. love interests. i have two crushes for most OCs but if i have one than please do not ask about it, don't even whine about it. just move on or find something else you would like to roleplay. i don't understand when people even ask i mean i wouldn't do it for you.

vi. type of roleplay. now this isn't exactly a rule just about what you prefer. i would like to make it clear before we roleplay what sort we are doing. example, fluff, mature, dark etc.

vii. commitment. i think it is important. just don't drop me in the middle of a roleplay. i mean it's rude. i don't mind at all if you have to go, honestly just tell me. even if you want to change the roleplay to something different. i will stay committed, though sometimes i may take a couple of days. if you think i've taken too long just message me and i'll reply in a couple of hours.

[List]* if there is a ✪ next to a fandom it means I particularly want to do it but i'm MORE than happy to do ANY of them *for all of the below i'm am open to AUs and crossovers.


.Death Note.

Mihael Keehl [Mello]

.Ouran High School Host Club.
Ritsu Kasanoda, Kyoya Ootori [i'm pretty fexabile on this one]

.Ao No Exorcist.

Ryuji Suguro, Rin Okamaru.Air Gear.

.Air Gear.

Kazuma Mikura

Sabaku No Gaara, Sasuke Uchiha

.One Piece.

Roronoa Zoro, Nami

.Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
Hayato Gokudera

. D. Gray Man.

Yu Kanda, Lavi

.Soul Eater.

Death The Kid, Maka Albarn

.Fullmetal Alchemist.

Envy, Edward Elric

.Diabolik Lovers.
Shu Sakamaki, Yuma Mukami, Subaru Sakamaki



.K Project.
Misaki Yata

.Adventure Time.
Marceline Abadeer

[Movies/Books/TV Shows]

.Hunger Games.

OC, Johanna Mason


.Harry Potter.
Fred Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter

.Harry Potter: Maurders Era.

Sirius Black

.Harry Potter Next Generation.

James Potter, Loius Weasley


Dean Winchester

.Marvel Movies.

Black Widow, Captain America



.The Walking Dead.

Merle Dixon, Daryl Dixon, OC

.American Horror Story: Coven.

Misty Day

.Percy Jackson.

.True Blood.

Sam Merlotte

.Gone Series.

Dekka Talent, Drake Merwin, Quinn Gaither

Sam Puckett


Jade West


Hannibal Lecter

[Video Games]


.Bioshock Series.
Frank Fontaine, OC

.The Walking Dead: Game.
Season 1: Lee, OC

Season 2: Luke, OC

.The Last Of Us.

Joel, OC

.The Wolf Among Us.
Grendel, Bloody Mary

.Bully: Scholarship Edition.
Gary Smith


Horror Roleplay

Boarding School

Supernatural Boarding School

Titanic Themed

Romeo and Juilet Style


Witches Coven


Arranged Marriage

Angle and Demon

Divergent Themed Roleplay

[Honestly I'm up for any sort of Original Roleplay! So Message ME!!!]


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