What Are You Doing Here?

What Are You Doing Here?

Emilia's best friend has gone away without warning, all he was a note admitting how he felt about her. The note said nothing about why he left, just he had to go and it was best if she didn't look for him. Now it's 5 years later and she's now 23 and engaged What happens when He shows up at her door a week before the wedding?

Chapter 1

The Best Friend

Emilia sat looking at the envelope from her best friend. She finally gained the courage to open it. He hadn't returned any phone calls or messages. She was worried they had just graduated a week ago, and was he already ending there friendship? She looked at the letter.
Dear Amelia,
I am sorry if I worried you, Everything is fine....except for one thing. The lack of courage to do this in person, but I love you. With all my heart. We have been best friends for so long and I can't pinpoint when I started wanting more than friendship. I love you, so much I can't believe my heart hasn't exploded. I am glad to get that off my chest finally, but sadly I won't ever know how you feel. I have to go away and it would be better if you stay away. If you ever loved me or were my friend would go on with your life and be happy. Just forget about me.
Goodbye Emilia, I Love you.
Mathew Jones.
Emilia looked up with tears in her eyes. For the next couple of months she called and messaged him, to no avail. She tried to ask his parents where he was and they had no idea. Finally when she went off to college she decided to move on with a heavy heart.

5 years later

Emilia was sitting happily with a man as they put the finishing the final touches of there wedding. They were trying to figure out seating arrangements.

"This is has to be perfect," She said.
"And it will be," The man replied.
"I know, but I don't want anything falling through," She said again
"Of course, love," He said.
"Thanks for the comfort Niall," Emilia said smiling.
"Anything for you," Niall said.

Just then the doorbell rang. Emilia stood to get it. She opened the door,"Hello?" She asked opening it. The man looked up and smiled,"Long time now see," he said coolly. All Emilia could do was gap at him. At Matthew.


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