My encounters with Satan

If you don't believe me I don't care, so go ahead and leave.

Chapter 1

Summoning Satan

by: Lommevann
What happened:
I was using my Ouja board and I asked the demon I was speaking to (not saying their name) to take over my body and speak to me. I trusted him to leave when I asked or if my energy drained. I felt a calm sensation and I was suddenly very warm. I started rapidly changing temperature. Then my hands jerked about uncontrollably on the Ouja board and I started blinking faster than I knew I even could. I felt my eyes keep rolling back into my head and there were flashes of extreme light sometimes. Then he left. He said my energy wasn't enough.
He's coming back soon, when I'm stronger.

I was dizzy, hungry, sweating, tired, shaking, and felt like throwing up. I went into the bathroom and closed the door. I stared at myself in the mirror for awhile and then, for some reason, started uncontrollably. It was like my emotions were all bottled up and they came pouring out. I finally stopped and left the bathroom. I ate and I feel better now.

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