Mysteries Kept Within (Original Group Story)

Noira, Holland, Cleo, Evie, Falcon and Clarissa are all remarkably intelligent, but very different, high schoolers from around the world, trying to find a good college and simultaneously balance life and schoolwork. When they are accepted into Callysta Creek, a university with a reputation for being highly exclusive, little do they know that there's more than meets the eye to their new school. Will they solve Callysta's mystery before it's too late?

Chapter 11

Clarissa Elle Wensh- The Pawns

I glanced around the garden of every photographers dream and I couldn't help but grin, wishing that I hadn't left my camera in my suitcase.

"I'll have time to take pictures though after today," I mumbled to myself as I walked towards a bush of candy red roses and I crouched down to inspect the flowers closer.

"Wouldn't think they'd be garden people with that poisoned moat of theirs," I smiled at myself as I heard doors opening and I turned to see a pair of old fashioned wooden doors opening slowly as if they were revealing to show someone important and as the doors opened far enough, I could see a woman.

A very intimidating woman I might add. Her pecan brown hair was pulled up into a neat bun with not a single strand out of it. Her arctic blue eyes scanned each one of us as if she was pinpointing our weaknesses which I could tell irked Cleo and Falcon. The only color on her pale face besides her eyes were her ruby red lips that were drawn into a thin line. She wore a snow white business like dress which had no embellishments and her matching heels made her a few inches taller than Noira. After glancing at us and reeking of intimidation, her lips cracked into a smile.

"Welcome to Callysta Creek. I'm Lillian Kovarian, headmaster of this school, but you will call me Headmaster Kovarian." The woman introduced herself.

"I assume that all of you introduced yourselves in the car and that you are all excited to see your new school so if you'll follow me, I'll show you your new college," Headmaster Kovarian turned and walked into the castle and after a few seconds of hesitation, we all walked in together to reveal the interior of the castle.

"Wow," Evangeline whispered as we entered the stunning castle.

The first thing I noticed was the old fashioned golden chandelier hung at the center of the ballroom and the candles on the chandelier were lit and brightened the room a lot as well as the lit torches on the walls. Directly across us was a staircase that led up to the second floor and diverged into two different ways. There were large openings on the East and West wall that diverged to two separate ways and I assumed that there were several classrooms down each hallways. The walls were powder white and it seemed as if the wall had never changed color from when it was originally built. The most interesting thing I noticed about the castle were the chessboard style floors for some reason, the black and white squares were in the same perfect order and the squares were big enough to place one person in them.

"Your other classmates haven't arrived back from summer break yet. We usually get the newcomers in first so they get the gist of the place before meeting the other student," Headmaster Kovarian explained with a smile but I couldn't tell whether to believe her or not.

"Anyways, I can't take all six of you around at once due to paperwork, so I have three of my best teachers to take you around," Headmaster Kovarian explained as three teachers, one man and two woman walked slowly down the steps.

What sparked my interest was what each of them wore, one woman with strawberry blonde hair wore all white while the man and the other woman who had platinum blonde hair and oil black streaks wore all black like chess pieces.

"Well, I hope you enjoy my school. Now if you excuse me, I need to attend to some paperwork," Headmaster Kovarian smiled before heading up the stairs.

"Hello! I'm Therea Loughlin, that over there is Horus Hudson, and that is Casilde Hyler." The woman with strawberry blonde hair chirped and flashed a smile at us but none of us returned the smile.

"What do you teach?" Cleo asked, crossing her arms.

"Horus usually teach computer science and things along those lines, Therea does most of the arts, and I teach photography and linguistics," Casilde explained as Horus pulled a clipboard that was wedged in between his arms.

"Anyways, we have to get this show on the road. Headmaster Kovarian assigned us two students to show around, Noira Hunter and Holland Spreight are with Therea, Cleo Walker and Clarissa Wensh are with Casilde, and Falcon Sokolov and Evangeline Mariatis are with me," Horus read from the clipboard, only glancing up once before placing the clipboard back under his left arm.

I walked over to Miss Hyler and she smiled at me. She wore an ink black pantsuit and matching Converse much to my surprise.

"I'm guessing you're Clarissa, I like the purple," She indicated my plum purple strands and I smiled at her.

"Thank you, nice Converse," I nodded.

"Grazie*" She grinned as Cleo walked over to us.

"Let's go look at this castle of a school. Nice poisoned moat by the way," Cleo stood right next to me.

"Luckily, not too many students try to murder one another using the moat. Now if you'll follow me, we're first going into the East wing," Miss Hyler turned and started walking towards one of the large opening and Cleo and I trailing right behind her, the tiles making it as if we're pawns following a black rook to who knows where.

*(Grazie: Italian for Thank you)

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