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I am new to Quibblo. I recently moved from Quizilla, hoping to find some RP partners. I will have you know, I am in college, so I will have to take some time to do my assignments, essays and study for upcoming exams, but I will reply back at least once a day. I do have rules and would love for you to follow them. My rules aren't over the top, they are pretty simple to follow. This is going to be in two chapters. One for rules and limits and the second for what I roleplay.

Chapter 1

Rules and Limitations


回 Grammar and Spelling
I am no grammar nazi, but I do expect you to have basic grammar. That means no text talk. Type like you are publishing a story. If English isn't your first language or you have a learning disability or any disability, I will understand and would advise you to write the best as you can. You can make mistakes, Lord knows I do all the time and that's fine, but I want to be able to know what you're typing.

回 OC's
I know this is controversial and I'm not all that strict when it comes to your characters, Mary Sues and Gary Stues are important. I do not want your oc to be something that doesn't exist in the series. If we're rping original ideas, it depends on what we're rping.

Please do not take control of my OC. That means do not write for him or her. That's my job. You stick to writing for your OC and my crush and I will write for my OC and your crush.

Please do not hog the spotlight. I do not want my crush focusing all on you. It's not cool. It makes my OC feel bad.

Personalities and looks: I do hope you know the do's and the don'ts. No all perfect characters. Nobody is that perfect. I just want him/her to be realistic. Everyone has flaws and insecurities.

回 No Godmodding.

回 Length: I don't expect for you to give me a whole novel, but I don't not want one or two liners. Give me at least four sentences or lines. I only write in paragraph form, so will only accept that. I write corresponding to my partner. What you give me, I will give you.


回 I am pretty flexible with this. I am not comfortable in writing pedophilia, beastality, necrophilia, and incest. Those are an absolute no. I am willing to do mature rp's, but I must warn you that I'm not all that great and that there are a lot of things I'm not familiar with. Intercourse and Oral are all I know. Everything else, don't ask. I don't feel like looking it up.

回 I don't really care, but I don't do mature rp's for these. I'm straight, so I have no ideas of what they do for sex and I'm not interested in finding out.

回 I am interested in making friends with my rp partners, so don't be afraid to say hi or welcome or whatever greeting you choose.

I think that is it, so if you still want to rp with me just message me with:

TARDIS as the subject
What you are interested in roleplaying
Where you want to roleplay (I will give you my email if you want to role-play by there)
Your Limits
Any Plot or Ideas you have

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