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Advice Guru - timelord101
Editor - MrsHarrison1965
Friendship Healer - kittensarecute946
Dream Decipherer - EpicSnicker
Post Officer - lilypotter101
How-To Guy - aardvarkbanana911

Chapter 1


Hey everyone!

Okay, you've all been begging for a Quibblo Advice Column, so we've gone and made one! I (MrsHarrison1965) thought about doing it all myself, but let's face it, I'm no Agony Aunt. So I paired up with someone a little more experienced.
Her name is timelord101! My co-writer and good friend.

So if you have questions or problems, send them to lilypotter101 (the lovely Post Officer) and she'll pass them on to the appropriate writer. Then I'll edit it and post it in the QAC.

Here are some terms and conditions:

1) We are only 11-14, so problems regarding relationships, love and s^x are a little beyond us. We ''can'' however, deal with things like crushes and fangirl obsessions. But if you're desperate, we will try.

2) You don't have to have your name mentioned if you don't want. Just say so in your message and it's as good as done.

3) I think messages are more ideal if you have a problem you want to submit. Comments are too open and are for all people to see. Just remember that.

4) No negative feedback. We're only trying to help, so if you don't like something we suggest, keep it to yourself. OR send it through to our complaint department.

5) Lastly, please don't send in other people's problems. You may think you're helping, which is great, but I don't think people will appreciate seeing their private business all over the internet. Take that into consideration.

So if you're happy with that, please contact us! We'll be waiting eagerly for messages!

Much love and encouragement,
The QAC team

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