group story sign ups - " strange creature support group"

so I asked a question a while back asking if anyone would be interested in writing this with me, and I got a positive response from three or four people. so I decided to start it up[=

Chapter 1

plot line ideas + character sheet

so the gist of the idea is a support group for cast-outs. People ostracized from society because they are different. They can come from all different places, all different walks of life. the one thing they have in common[I assume, unless you would rather have a pre-existing relationship with another character] is a man who goes by "Priest". Priest is the one who owns the church above the meeting room. He is the man that brought the meeting together. There is a certain air of mystery about this man, and every character sees him in a different way. [physically, anyway. He has the same aloof, mysterious personality to everyone.] your character can be anything and anyone, as long as you can write as them.

I haven't really done too much in-depth planning, so anything I haven't specifically mentioned is on the table. If you have any ideas, comment or message me about it. I'd absolutely love to hear from you guys about this‼ please be proactive[= let me know what you think, if there's anything you think I should have included.

The story will start off [at least] as all support groups do, but I'm open to the idea of something happening to drastically change all of their lives. Something, perhaps, like world war three… what would a bunch of non-normal's do in a war zone? Would they still meet up? Would they join the forces, or go underground?

The following is a list of a few links to websites that might help you choose what "power" you want your character to have. Remember, this is a support group, so whatever you choose obviously has to have some sort of 'negative effect' on their life.

Character sign-up sheet [minimum]
Nickname: optional
Gender: [m/f/other(if other, give a short explanation) ]
Age: optional
Special attribute:
Physical appearance: [hair style and color, eye color, body structure… things like that.]
Attire: [what style of clothing does he/she usually wear? Jewelry? Any tattoos or piercings?
Mental attitude: [is he/she an optimist or a pessimist? how would they go about making friends? When they walk into a room, what do people automatically assume about what kind of person they are? If you had to describe them in a single phrase, what would it be?]
Occupation: [how does he/she make a living? What kind of house do they reside in? ( 'outside' is a viable answer, especially if your species demands it – though I would like specifics) ]
Usual contents of purse/pockets: optional [what does he/she never leave the house without?]
Background: [the place they were born, their family life, a short story of how they got estranged with their species – only short, because we will go over it in the story.]
Other: [anything you forgot to put that you feel is necessary information? Things like hobbies, fondest childhood memories, most frequent nightmare, biggest fear… be creative!]

by the way, I'm putting my character on chapter two.
Again, I only put the bare minimum there, so if there's anything you usually put in your character sheets, feel free to deviate from the template[= I look forward from hearing from you guys‼

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