I'll Settle Down...Soon

A 15yo runaway is on the road and meets a friend who just can't let her go.

Chapter 1

Just One Night

My mother lit a lavender scented candle, which I had always loved, but now I'd rather sit here on the front steps of some stranger's house and enjoy the scent of the rain that has just passed over. It's April here, somewhere miles from my mother and her house, and I think that I would like to don another warm layer. The last stubborn patches of snow beside the street tell me I must still be in New York. The setting sun tells me I should keep going while I can.
"How much further?" Jenny asks as she comes around the corner to sit with me.
"Two miles less than the last time you asked." I answered, smiling as I admired the way the sun shone on her skin.
"How far is two miles less than 'I don't know' ?"
"I don't know." I sighed.
Jenny sighed back, "You sure you can't stay with us?" she looked into my eyes like she had so many times before. I wanted to say yes.
"Trust me, I wish I could." I answered, taking a sip of the coffee I'd been holding (mostly to keep my hands warm)
"Your mom---"
I cut her off, "--is always a step behind me. I can't"
"Two steps, more like." Jenny argued, "You can relax, Lorri, Hannah wouldn't let them take you back."
I offered her some of my coffee, which she refused, and shook my head.
"I'm sorry, Jenn."
"Come on, one night? I promise I'll wake you up before five A.M. and you can start walking again."
I fought with my feelings for a moment and finally commanded my brain to tell my mouth to say, "NO, Jenn." but all I could utter was a tired sigh.
"Hannah's makin' pot roast..." Jenny prodded.
I laughed, throwing my hands up in defeat, "Fine, damnit, one night- but I'm out of that house by five sharp, got it?"
"I hear ya....Anyway, I gotta go. See ya later. You won't regret this."
Then, Jenny went back around the corner to her house.
I finished my coffee and walked to the corner where there was a trash can. As I tossed away the styrofoam cup I glanced down the street and saw a girl coming towards me. It was Reanne

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