2p Italy pays a visit

2p Italy pays a visit

2p Italy somehow falls into the 1p world. How will the nation's deal with this new cold blooded Italy?

Chapter 1

Draw a circle there's the Earth!

2p Italy POV:
Falling. Darkness. Landing. Pain. I hit the ground hard. I landed on my side. Pain and bruises lace up my tan arms and legs. My feet are sore from trying to stop myself. Even my head is pounding from the great height I just fell from. I stand on my wobbly legs. The ache in my limbs becomes a sharp pain. I just laugh and walk a few shaky steps. I've felt worse. Much worse. I walk for what seems like forever until I come upon a small,dark,wooden shack. It looks like it can barely stand. As I see nobody else watching me,I amble into the shack. I lay to rest on a bag of seeds. I must regain my strength for tomorrow.
Italy POV:
"Pasta!" I scream as I say what Germany has prepared for me. He stands there with his serious face. He doesn't smile but I know by the glint in his bright blue eyes, that he's happy. I smile warmly and lift the fork to my mouth. The pasta is delicious! Germany has really improved since last time. I eat the whole plate and the rest of the bowl. By the end of it I'm tired and ready to take my nap. I fall asleep on the table.
Germany POV:
"Mein Gott" I sigh as I lift up Italy. I walk through the house carrying him in my arms. I pass Prussia's room and hear him snoring. "I'm awesome" he says in his sleep. I chuckle softly and climb the stairs to Italy's bedroom. I set him down gently on his blue comforter and pull a thick quilt over him. He lies there peacefully. He's cute when he's sleeping. As I leave the room I can't help feeling that something is missing. I lean over on Feli's side and get close to his face. I plant a very gentle and very soft kiss on his forehead. He turns over,a content smile on his cute face. I mumble in German and walk to my own bedroom. I lay down on my green covers and begin to drift off to sleep. Just before I doze off I hear some crashing noise in the kitchen. I rush down to the kitchen, fully alert. I look on the floor and see a slim shadowy figure crawl across the white tiles. I walk quietly across the floor, trying not to make a sound. The floor makes an awful cracking sound as I walk. The creature hears me and looks up. I see a shadow of a face,a bit of a mouth. I see a pair of haunting purple/red eyes. They stare up at me in a glare. The thing that scares me the most...the small curl jutting out of the side of his head. As I look at the thing before me I hear a very powerful, yet quiet voice.
"Ve~ Ciao Ludwig."

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