My Neighbor

This is a 100% true account of what has been happening between me and my neighbor over the times we have been hanging out. this is to function as a personal journal but I would also appreciate comments and suggestions from people.

Chapter 1

The day we met

I was outside in my backyard throwing hatchets at a big wooden board. I had done this before but not too many times, so I was missing quite a bit. I was still learning the technique and this was practice. Just as I was about to throw another hatchet at the board I heard some one yell out "Hey!" I turned and it was a girl leaning over the rock wall separating my backyard from the backyard of the neighbor who lived behind me. "Try turning your body and throwing it to the side" she said. Given what little success I had been having lately I decided to listen to her. It stuck in the wood. I turned to her with my eyebrows raised in surprise. I threw a few more while she yelled from the wall. After I saw she wasn't going anywhere I stopped throwing my hatchets and decided to get to know this girl.
It turns out she was my neighbor of 5 years. She was 17 years old (I was 21) and our birthdates were 6 days apart. We started talking about things, particularly about our taste in music. As it turned out she was also a fan of the same kind of music, and two of her favorite bands were also two of my favorite bands (AC/DC and The Eagles). We stood there talking for what was probably 2 or 3 hours, mostly about music and the astonishing fact that we had lived right behind one another for 5 years and never once spoke to each other.
It was getting dark and the sprinklers in her back yard turned on so she had to rush inside her house before she got soaked. I thought to myself "man, what a pretty girl, she's got a boyfriend and she's a little young but maybe I still should have gotten her number. We could have at least been friends. Who knows when I'd see her outside again and I'm way too shy to go up to the front of her house and ask for her."
I came back inside the house and just thought about the girl I should have met 5 years sooner.

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