Priest's Support Group for Abnormals

We've all heard of super hero's, right? Well, sometimes they need a little help before they can help anyone. Sometimes, when they've had a life fraught with misfortune, they need a lot of help. There is a man called Priest, who knows this first hand. He has started a Support Group for people of just that sort.
Collin McCreevy, Alyss Luna Murphey, Zealander Parks and Nemali Wayward are these four lucky Abnormal. This is the record of their meetings, and the repercussions that ensued.

Chapter 1

Collin McCreevy - First Meeting

"Hi, everybody. My name is Collin… um…that's how this goes, right? I've never been to one of these meetings before. This is my first. Where am I supposed to start? Everything has been moving so very quickly these days it's hard to keep up." The tall, skittish man couldn't keep his eyes from the circle of people around him. All of the eyes that stared at him were younger than he…years younger, even the eldest one... but what had they been through? Collin almost couldn't bear to speak, almost wanted to run out of the room now, and hide in the darkness. He didn't have a right to be here… old thoughts moved in, and just when Collin was going to give up and just leave, he felt a weird tickling sensation in the back of his throat. His lips parted slightly, and a small brown spider crawled out over his lip and onto Collin's waiting hand. It just sat there with its six tiny eyes staring unblinking up at him, it's tiny jaws clacking out whispers that he should keep talking. So he did.

"Back when I was a kid, people called me a vampire. It's because of my pale skin, you know? Whitest kid in my family. Even the adults would call me "gringo"… like it's my fault, right? It runs in the family. My grandpa had it, too. and my mom, but not as bad I guess. Life was never normal, even before I turned 15. And when all the weird stuff started happening… it went bad. Fast. After they all found out about the spiders, then they just called me a freak, a weirdo… but my favorite was monster. How could they call themselves "good", and tell a fifteen-year-old such horrible things? Do such things…? Such horrible things…" Collin paused for a minute, a haunted look on his face, unconsciously running a hand up and down his arm, rubbing the joints in his left hand as if to massage away some deep-rooted pain. "All I ever wanted back then was love. And I found it, too, just how they wanted me to." Collin paused again, wanting to stop. Talking so much had always got him into trouble. Remember what happened last time, in London? The cruel part of him reminded. He shook his head violently, his hands moving in a blur at his side, spelling out words like 'drowning', 'hateful' and 'habit', among other, less discernible things. Suddenly, his eyes locked with the man sitting across the circle from him. The man smiled, encouragingly, obviously wanting Collin to continue. Collin sighed, knowing that if he wanted anything to change that he would have to get over his older habits.

"It's been over a decade since the London fiasco… all those dead bodies… and I haven't talked to my family since then. Haven't had contact with another Abnormal, either. Guess that first time was just too much. Lotta people got hurt back then, you know? It changes a guy… specially since it was my idea in the first place. I'm not gonna make no excuses for myself, I know it was wrong. But I was just so… done. So over people bad-mouthing me and my friends...

"So sick and tired of people killing my friends. So I killed them… my friends ate them… and that was that. My therapist said i was projecting my negative emotion outwards, because of childhood trauma… or something like that. But the spiders aren't evil, or part of my imagination.. they saved me…

"I'm NOT the crazy one… she was wrong, I'm not …I'm not crazy."


Collin sat back down abruptly, turning his eyes upward and staring blankly at a small water stain on the ceiling as if it was trying to tell him something. His mouse-brown hair hung limply around his face, and the spider crawled up to the tip of his finger, back into his mouth where it came. His bone-white hands then folded themselves neatly on his lap, clenching and unclenching methodically, spelling out fragments of words and sentences in sign-language almost too quickly to follow.

There were six chairs in the room, all turned in a circle to face each other. one of them was empty. Collin looked around the room, trying hard not to catch anyone's eye, and noticed how sad the room was. It was obviously occupied, by the copious amounts of candy wrappers that littered the dirty floor, but to Collin it looked a little unloved. Faded, dirty wallpaper peeled off the walls by the sheet, falling to a floor that was so caked with stains, grime and dust that it was impossible to tell the original color or even type of flooring. The only furniture in the room (besides the ten or so plastic lawn chairs in the center of the room in a circle) was two small square end-tables, one with the top broken off and leaning against the other.

You never would have guessed that this room was under a church…

The man across the circle from Collin stood, clearing his throat to get everyone's attention.

"Ahem… yes, thank you for that, Collin. We are so glad you could join our group. It's always nice to meet a new friend," The Priest said, smiling broadly and exposing a suspiciously perfect looking set of teeth. Collin wondered distantly what kind of creature this 'Priest' was. He was Beautiful, of course, with a face that seemed to be in his early 30s, but for ancient coal-black eyes framed with wrinkles and laugh lines that seemed unfitting for one so young. From what he had heard in the quiet chatter right before the meeting, nobody here knew exactly what Priest was. Apparently, he never said. Collin wasn't sure it really mattered.

Collin felt a bit like an outsider as he watched Priest go around the circle of only three other people, asking who would like to go next. He only knew one person here, the girl named Alyss (or dimension), whom he had only met a few days earlier. Alyss was the one who had convinced him to come to the meetings after Collin had stopped on the street to listen to her play her guitar, and had stayed for three hours.

He watched Priest as he moved back to his seat, taking in his appearance. He stood tall, about 6'4" if Collin was correct, with the polite mannerisms and impeccable posture of one who has been trained to look and act perfectly. A thick, shiny mane of black hair framed a kind and smiling face. Ancient black eyes looked out at you as if to say 'you can trust me with anything', and his caramel skin was perfect and sickeningly healthy, even under the washed-out florescent lights of the meeting room. He looked out of place in this room, surrounded as he was by the cast-offs of society, and it was made all the more obvious by the white collar at his throat that signified his trade in the church.

Collin surreptitiously looked down at his messy, unkempt zip-up hoodie and stained black jeans. Looking at Priest, he supposed that he should take better care of himself if he was going to keep coming to these meetings. After all, he was kind of re-joining society, wasn't he?

Collin shook away this thought from his head before he could think about it. No sense in scaring himself away from these meetings. He cleared his throat, realizing that Priest had noticed his gaze, and was staring at him. He noticed a genuine curious friendliness in Priest's eyes; a look he hadn't gotten in years. For the first time in a long time, he didn't feel afraid... But it only lasted for a second.

The girl sitting to his left stood up and brushed a non-existent wrinkle from her shirt; all eyes in the room turned to her, and she began to talk.

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