As the Fire in the Eyes of Thine Fade

Cethil the Faerdhinen(the Silent Spirit) lost her family at a young age. She was taken into the home of Halboron and Evonyn of the Dunedain and kept safe for four years. But after Arathorn, leader of the Dunedain is slain by the same orcs who had murdered Cethil's parents, she, Aragorn, and Arathorn's wife, Gilraen, flee to Rivendell. And thus she soon finds herself thrusted into the Fellowship of the Ring. Though her spirit is strong, she must push past her fears and stay true to herself.

Chapter 1

Chapter the First

Aragorn reports that Halbarad is well. I have not seen him for years however. I wish so much to journey from Rivendell and visit him again. He may only be my adopted brother, but I feel he is more than that. I feel like a cord is bound around us, one that is too strong to be hewn. He is-

"Cethil!" I heard Arwen call from the stables. I looked up from my journal. Her voice was shrill, telling me something was up.

"Man cerig?" I called back, closing the book and making my way to her voice quickly, but carefully. "Prestad?" (What are you doing? Is there trouble?)

I enter the stable, the air hot and filled with a stench of damp straw. At the end of the room, I find Arwen saddling her mare. "I have been sent to look for Aragorn. He has been gone far too long."

"What could have happened, do you think?" I ask her, patting my horse, Braigon, on the muzzle.

"I dare not imagine. But I'd like you to come along, just in case if he is in trouble."

"Of course," I nodded my head and lead Braigon from his stall. I didn't think twice about the need for a saddle and hopped on his back, looking up to Arwen, who gave me an "oh-you-show-off" look. I clicked my heels into Braigon's side, Arwen doing the same to her horse, and we galloped off.

We rode for an hour with little talk. What small amount of conversation we had only concerned Aragorn. I could tell Arwen was worried sick about him, her face was set to a frown and furrowed brow. I knew she always had feelings for the ranger, though I had yet to discover whether his feelings were mutual.

I did not know what to think however. I was gladdened that Arwen had found her soulmate. She'd talk about Aragorn more often than she thought. I was probably one of the only people she knew that wouldn't interrupt or disapprove of her desires. Yet, there was a twinge of lightness whenever the ranger would catch my eye. I knew him since he was four. I was still young then as well, though I formed this watchful protectiveness over him. We began to really speak with each other alone when he was fifteen. About five years later, I grew to love him very much like a brother- though not nearly as brotherly as Halbarad, of course -and only now have my feelings soared whenever he was with me or when his name had been mentioned.

I've refused to let my feelings grow, however. I couldn't. That would hurt my friendship with Arwen, something I treasure most dearly.

I was shaken from my thoughts when Arwen suddenly whispered, "Daro!" (Stop!)

I halted Braigon and listened. In the near distance, voices could be heard. Among them, I could hear Aragorn.

"Arwen, go around on that side," I said, pointing to our right. "And I'll come in opposite, just in case if it is not Aragorn who is leading this group."

Arwen spurred her horse and left without a word. I slid off of Braigon and quietly crept closer to the camp. But I was suddenly grabbed at the waist from behind and pinned to a tree, knife against my throat.

"Milon!" I gasped, recognizing the blue eyes of my closest friend. His face was covered except his eyes and they were shining with happiness- it was obvious he was smiling.

"If you value your life, you will do as I say," he hissed. I rolled my eyes. Ever since we had first met in the woods- very much like this, except I was the one who had him against a tree -Milon has been trying hard to catch me off guard. Today was the first time he's succeeded.

"W-what do you plan on doing to me?" I stuttered, playing along.

"I shall be asking the questions now. And you will answer every one of them."

"V... Very well."

"What brings you out here in this wood? Who are you? Why are you here?"

"I'm... Cethil. Cethil the Faerdhinen they call me," the corners of my mouth were giving in and slowly turned into a smile. I tried covering it up with a sob. But then, before I could answer any more of Milan's questions, I burst out laughing. He joined in and dropped his dagger, but kept a hold on my forearm.

"Why are you out here?" I ask him as he removed his hood and mask, revealing a head of ginger hair. He obviously was a man, I doubt any elf could have gotten away with what he had just done to me.

"Just needed a break from elves," Milan grinned teasingly. "What brings you to these woods? Certainly not for my same reasons."

"Arwen and I were sent to searching for Aragorn," I said. "And goodness. They must be wondering where I am!"

I quickly turned to Braigon and took a step towards the camp, but was stopped again by Milan. He tightened his grip on my arm. "It could be dangerous," he said seriously. I seldom saw him that way, which made me look at him funnily.

"Don't worry, we've found him already," I reassured him. Milan did not let go. "Please, Milan, leithio nin." (Release me.)

"As long as I come with you," he finally said, letting go. I nodded, but looked at him strangely. He never acted this way. We quickly entered the clearing. To my surprise, three halflings sat about a fire. They looked from Arwen to me in utter shock.

"Cethil," Arwen said worriedly. I looked to her. Aragorn stood at her side. He nodded a "Hello" to Milan and I. Seated on Arwen's saddle was a fourth halfling. His eyes were a ghostly white and his skin deathly pale.

"What has happened to him?" I gasp, quickly walking up to him.

"A Morgul blade," Aragorn said quietly. "We must get him to Lord Elrond."

"Allow me to go," I said.

"Cethil," Arwen shook her head. "No."

"I am a swifter rider. I can get him to your father in time."

"The road is dangerous," Aragorn warned.

"I will go. Better for me to die than either one of you anyway."

"Cethil, please don't do this," Milan said quietly.

"I am going," I said sternly and mounted Arwen's horse.

Milan walked up to me and grabbed my hand. I leaned down and he spoke softly in my ear, "Do not die. Whatever you do, do not die. Gwestog?" (Do you promise?)

"No. Boe i'waen," I whispered. I dug my heels into the mare's side and galloped off. (Yes. I must go.)

Suddenly, the easily-recognised screech of a Nazgul told me we were being pursued. And there was no easy way out.

Author's Note- I do not own Lord of the Rings or any of Tolkien's characters. Milan and Cethil are my own OC's. Some of Cethil's background I created has references to Born of Hope, a low-budget prequel to Lord of the Rings. It is available to watch off of Youtube. Once again, I do not own any of the Born of Hope team's original characters(Halbarad's mother, Ivonyn, for one). Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed Chapter the First.

One Last Thing- I originally wrote this on a different account here. If you see another story just like this, that is why. I guarantee it is all mine.

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