Why I'm deleting.

Chapter 1

Why I'm deleting

Hey guys, Madeleine here. I've been thinking about deleting for a while now but I've finally decided that I'm going to do it. I thought the website would get better, but the featured quizzes have been the same for over two months and it's heartbreaking to see all the users deleting. It's been making me feel so lonely, just wondering how long it'll take before we're all gone.

It's such a shame what this website is becoming. I first made an account when I was eleven years old. I'll be fifteen next February. Quibblo was always my escape. I'd come on here after a long day and read fantastic stories and poetry, talk to great people, take awesome quizzes. It was so great. Now it just makes me sad.

I've already mentioned everyone deleting, and it's depressing to see everyone around me deleting, but to be honest I never knew many people that well. The reason I've decided to delete today of all days was because I just came online after three days of not using the site to find that my best friend, Tigermoon (Andrafay) has deleted. I don't have her contact information. I can't talk to her again. Ever. She's deleted from my life. That's it. I'm so upset over it. I want to read more of her wonderful poetry, as I'm sure she'll keep making it. I want to read her cheerful, reassuring comments. She was always so supportive, so kind. Whenever I uploaded a poem I'd wait for her to comment because she always did. The thing is, if the Quibblo team had actually cared enough to keep the website running smoothly and active, rather than taking like a month away to implement a new ad then I'd still have my friend. But now I don't, all because the Quibblo team can't be bothered any more to run their own website. I do understand websites are hard to run, but this has been going on for months now and I'm sick of it.

I've had a wonderful time here, but I don't see the point of going on here anymore. So thanks to everyone who made Quibblo fun. You are all amazing. <3

I'll keep this post up for a week because I've got my contact information at the bottom and if anyone wants to continue talking to me then I'd like to give a fair amount of time for them to find it before I delete my account and it becomes difficult to find.

~ Madeleine <3

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