Hey everyone! If you ever read my stories on here, please read this!

So I got an idea..

Chapter 1

'S'Up bruh. ;3;

So if you knew me when I first started on here, I originally got on here to start writing fanfics and little one shots. I had about three "good" fanfics, and after a while I stopped continuing them. I just recently reread them, and I decided to rewrite my Sirius Black one, and continue the CSI fanfic and the Oliver Wood one.

If you'd like to read them, here they are in order so you can find 'em.

Sirius Black Fanfic: I Fell In Love With A Player, GREAT!

Nick Stokes/CSI Fanfic: There's a Fine Line Between Love and Hate

Oliver Wood Fanfic: Paint The Sky

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