OK, let me get one thing clear...

Chapter 1

This is not a rant, just a statement. And I should be allowed to voice my own opinions.

Okay. I have had three continuous messages in one day telling me that they do not accept random requests - some of them ruder than others, flat out sending me a bunch of insults before I know what's happening. And neither of those messages sounded friendly at all. Let me get one thing straight here. And note that this is not a rant - it's simply a statement to clarify the way you think about the "random requests" that I apparently send.

Firstly, why do I even bother to send people friend requests? Why do anybody even bother to send friend requests? To make friends, of course! I send people friend requests because I find them interesting people and I would like to get to know them better. Now, I get these people assuming that me sending a friend request means that I am deliberately being rude and not respecting them.

Okay, I understand where you are coming from. You could have sent me a message and explained this, instead of storming in with an accusation and posting hate all over my profile and creations. If you send me a reasonable PM then I will understand you and apologize, if I need to. But shoving a bunch of accusations in my face - as well as insults that really do offend me personally - it's not going to work. I sent you a friend request as a friendly gesture, and what do I get? A bunch of hate telling me that I'm rude, selfish, ugly and that I should get off Quibblo altogether and go get a life.

I mean, a friend request is meant to be friendly! Otherwise why do they call it a "friend request"? Why do they have it at all? If you look around, there are people with thousands of friends on here. Are you going to call them rude as well, just because they are sociable and simply enjoy making friends? Just because their number of friends is larger, and therefore you automatically assume that they are rude and self-centered? That they don't pay attention at all to their friends? No.

Now, I would like to say that I do not consider friend requests as random. Before labeling me straight-off as a "rude, pathetic idiot" who doesn't bother to make friends at all, can't you even get your facts straight, your priorities sorted out, and send me a message inquiring why I had sent the request? I mean, if friend requests are supposed to aggravate people - why would Quibblo even have them? Oh, wouldn't it just be easier to take it out altogether, that way nobody on Quibblo would have to get mad from "pointless, idiotic requests"?

Another side is that Quibblo is not Facebook. It's not Twitter. Quibblo - the main purpose really - is making quizzes and stories. If I can accept the way you do things, it's only fair if you accept the way I do mine - if I come across a story or quiz of quality, that I happen to like a lot, I will send the creator a friend request to "follow" them and get invitations to their latest things. It's basically like giving you a compliment. But here's what makes me really sad - some of you just don't realize this simple fact. Instead you not only ignore the request, but you throw a bunch of insults at me for doing so. Sure, you may choose not to accept it, and I respect your choices. But at least think why somebody would send you a request - and that is looking beyond the fact that you think if someone sends you a request, they're rude and deserve to die.

I must mention here that one of the messages did happen to have reason in it - and that's about the only one. The other two were flat-out a bunch of insults. I didn't even know what you were talking about until I read the last few sentences. By this, you have not only ruined my whole day and my mood, but you have basically informed me that sending a small, simple friend request will make me "ugly, idiotic, pathetic, annoying, rude, selfish and self-centered".

Now, notice that I have 88 friends. About a half of them were from accepting friend requests. And a half of them were friend requests that I have sent. I can tell you one thing - I practically know every single one of them. They're not just "numbers" - how even dare you label my friends like that - they're people. And I respect that. They're people who, each and individually, I will always come around to getting to know better. These 88 friends aren't just numbers, they're real friends that I actually get to know. I love every single one of these 88 friends - because they're people, not numbers! I thought that everybody would think the same way as me, but I guess not.

Well, if that's what you like, I might as well stop sending out requests altogether and forget the fact that there's a friend system on Quibblo. Is that what you would want? Would you find that more convenient? If so, then that's exactly what I will do. But I am intolerant of people who label me without evidence, just for the sake of labeling. And if you offend me, then don't ever expect me to fall at your feet just because of that. I hope we're clear on this here.

This is not starting drama, or an act of aggression in any way. For those people who don't understand, and for those three people who had sent me messages, I hope you understand now. Thank you for reading.


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