This is a story about a girl who thinks she has her one and everything, until things change. Then she realizes that most true love stories don't end up like this.

Chapter 1

My Lover Boy

by: JerseyJay
"OMG CAROLINE!" I said as soon as she answered the phone. It was a silence because I was screaming in my silently in my mouth.
"What Maddy!" She said frightened. "Its Joe and I one year together!" I said as a jumped on my bed squealing. "Oh my gosh, Maddy you scared that crap out of me. I thought something bad happened." She said as she sighed of relief.
Well maybe before we get any further, let me introduce myself. Im Madeline, my friends call me Maddy though. I am at my last year of high school, yay! Im a cheerleader and A on a roll student. I have waist length light brown hair with platinum blonde and dark brown thick streaks. I have the darkest set of brown eyes you will ever see in your life. I am 5'4 and Im 124 pounds. Yes, Im a little underweight, that's because I just recovered from Anorexia Nervosa.
Now that girl Caroline is my Best Friend. We've been Best Friends since 6th grade. She is 5'2 and has brown collar bone length hair and she has big blue beautiful eyes.
But we cant forget about Joe! He is obviously my boyfriend. He is so fine. Hes my basketball player, but he is good at any sport. He has dark brown hair that matches his medium brown long eyelashed, eyes. But his big white sparkling smile gets to me though. Has someone ever been so beautiful it hurts? Its like this with him.

"Oh sorry about that, Im just really excited!" I said as I tiredly layed on my bed. "Well, what are ya'll doing?" Caroline asked. "Where going to a movie, then that café place a few miles from it, then getting promise rings." It was a silence then Caroline spoke. "Are you sure? Half the people I know threw those away." It was true, Caroline and he ex got promise rings and she ended up throwing hers away while she was crying in my arms. "Well we made it this far, hope things will work out." I said as I really thought about it. "Okay, Ill have my arms open for your tears." I let out a little laugh, then looked at them time, it was 4:03 and Joe was getting me at 5:00. "I hope, well anyways, I got to go get ready, Love you bye!" I said as I waited for a reply. "Bye love you too." I hung up the phone and started getting ready.
I took a shower then put on lotion. I put on my tan/orangish sweater like big cardigan with a black tank top tucked in my Aztec shorts, with some grey tights and my big laced tan high heels. I sprayed on perfume then brushed my teeth. I put on a brown smokey eye with false lashes and bottom eyeliner and dark purple fallish lipstick. Then I put straightened my hair and put my bangs in a side French braid, then I put some little jewels in the middle of the braid. As I looked at the clock it was 5:05. So I just layed on the bed until Joe came.
"Babyyy!" Joe said as he peaked through the door with a big bouquet of scented flowers. " Oh my gosh their so pretty and smell amazing!" I said as I smelled the flowers and set them on my dresser. Joe was wearing his plaid shirt with some khakis and Sperry's. "Thanks baby! You look beautiful." He said as he grabbed my two hands and kissed me on my cheek since I was tall enough for him to. "You look perfect as always. Even if you came just wearing a spider man shirt and pants and flip fops." We both laughed alittle. "I was planning on it." He joked. "Ha ha. Now we need to go. Movies starts at 5:45" He looked at me then gently layed his hand on my face and kissed me. "Your right. Lets not waist the time we have with eachother.

We just got done watching The Fault In Our Stars. Perfect right?"
Then we went to the café. The café was had dark brown wood all around the windows and doors. We walked in to get coffee and let me tell you how beautiful. It had a dark brown sealing with a chandelier in the middle of it, and it had white lamps lights outlining the sealing, and it had a big white Christmas tree right under the chandelier. The walls were dark brown and had pictures of France, England and coffee that had a dark brown wood framing it, but the picture was inside the wall. There were small round mineral tables circling the tree. It was dark in there, but its lighting was perfect because of the Lights and the chandelier. We sat down and talked. Joe grabbed my hands and looked me in the eyes. "So baby, before we get our promise ring you have to agree with these rules." So he stopped then continued. "Promise this, No cheating, Be loyal to yourself and I, Be there for me as Ill be there for you, Be my best friend, Don't lie, No fighting, Agree together on things, No jealousy, Tell me stuff that bothers you and Lastly, love me through the ups and downs." I smiled at him, "Ill be true to you if your true to me. Baby, I promise, Ill love you unconditionally."
After we left the café we held hands to the car and he gently pushed me against the car and tensely grabbed my waist and kissed me. He held the door open for me then closed it. When he got in the car he locked his fingers into mine. We drove off to Kays.
We got these silver rings that had a heart diamond carved in and faded into the word Promise written in a cursive font, it was pricey, 90$ but with the help up my saving up and our parents, we made it. When I got into the car I put on my ring, but when it reached half way Joe stopped me. "Maddy, let me put it on." So he put mine on as I did his. We once locked eyes and kissed again. "Every kiss begans with Kay." I joked around as we laughed. "I don't have to be phone until 11:50." I said as I put on my seat belt. "Then you wanna go to my house?" Joe asked. Yes. I wanted to go his house. He had the biggest house ever.

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