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Things are slow on quibblo right now so I am attempting to add some action. This group story will not be long. You have a week to finish your chapter unless you notify me otherwise. I'm not an unreasonable person- I understand how busy life gets.

Chapter 1

Sad story line....

by: Darsha
This is a group story about a school shooting. It pains me to know that these things happen, but they do. I want to show just a few of the effects a tragedy like this can have on each student in the school system. So yeah.

So here's the story. It's at Ellway school, in a small town. The school has grades seventh through senior year there. Everyone is going about there normal day until during the middle of third hour, lock down is called. There is a boy with a gun, threatening the students. For the students within the locked classrooms the wait is agonizingly long. Other student's are not so lucky. The shooter started in the cafeteria where the 7-9th graders were eating, then went to the library, and was finally shot down at the gym.

I want this story to show what's it's like for a community to go through this, plus challenge you guys to work on harder writing. I want to touch quibbloian's hearts with each student's story.

There will be three chapters written per person. The first round will be the prologue, before the shooting. The second round will the climax, and the third round will be the aftermath.

Character requirements

Social class- (all schools have them, otherwise known as clicks. Nerds, popular, jocks, preps, ect)

My character

Name- Poppy Lexings
Appearance- Honey colored hair that is in a bob, she is small, both in height and weight, and stature. Her eyes are a teal color. Wears areopostal shirts, skinny jeans, and UG boot
Personality- She is a hard worker and doesn't give up ever, insecure so she lashes out at others when she wants to feel better about herself, she is generally optimistic, she loves criminology and is taking a psychology elective
Social class-Prep
Background- Her dad left when she was a child so she naturally looks for love in guys, has bullied a girl named Trixi since seventh grade, has an older brother who is annoying but she loves him to the ends of the earth, he takes the place of her father in her life, boyfriend name is Jason

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