Quibblo's Resurrection Discussion

Haha i rinally spelt resurrection right!!

Chapter 1

Part 2

by: Hayato
Alright everyone i just wanna start of by sayingthank you for everyone who supports the idea of co admins for auibblo and for the people who really want to save quibblo but we have a problem. Somethings i mentioned may not be as easy as i thought but still obtainable with dedication. So i want to take the time right now for you all to write in the comments write what we sould do first,whats most important,where we should get people to come on etc etc. And to make sure everyone sees this message it woukd be really super helpful if you made a story and put the link to this inside. I hope to get quibblo fixed very very soon Thank you for your support

P.s if you find ay mispelling its either one because i cant spell it or two because im typing too fast x3


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