371 Days

In a world where chaos reigns, and brother is forced to be pitted against brother, 16 year old Sam Rodgers is trying to survive. He watched his family turn into those beasts before his eyes, and has been on the run for 6 days. This is his 371 day journey.

Chapter 1

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

It was only a matter of time before it hit here.

I knew that well before it happened. We all had heard stories of the bigger cities turning to hell as the infirmity took over all of the population one by one.
Nonetheless, we had hoped that it would never make its’ way here, to my small town in Wyoming. We all hoped that our secluded town would be spared from the hell that had been unleashed, and that maybe, just maybe, we could go on with our lives in safety. But, we were quickly woken from that fantasy as our friends and family slowly mutated, changing into people we did not know, nor any we hoped to meet.

No matter how much we prepared for everyone’s death, it didn’t make the shock of it less intense or horrific. Eventually, it happened to everyone, no one was immune to its devastating and gruesome effects. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. It will find you, and it will eventually consume you Seeing all of your friends and family morph into those monsters in an agonizingly painful and slow few days was enough to make most go insane. In fact, that is exactly what happened. People began to act irrationally and possessed, jumping off of buildings, shooting themselves and those around them, even letting those beasts kill them.. There were many days where I considered allowing myself to escape the nightmare which I was now living. One jump, one pull of the trigger, one moment of weakness, and it could all be over. I never could bring myself to do it, after all I had a family to look after. I couldn’t leave my family alone in this insatiably cruel world with no one to provide for and protect them. I couldn’t be so selfish in a world where communication and selflessness were so desperately needed.

So, for whomever you are reading this, my name is Sam Rodgers. I’m sixteen years old and live, well used to live, in Wyoming. I’ve been on the run now for six days. My family turned in front of my eyes, leaving me with no one. As soon as they turned (approximately eleven days after start of the catastrophe) I left to survive on my own. This is my story.


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