A Whole New World


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Chapter 1

Sadie Rose Pakes

"I look at the streets of this city every hour of the day, and all I see is chaos. The corruption is something we can no longer escape in our society. However, just because our lives are considered broken doesn't mean that we can't fix that."

Those were the words my father told me last night right before he kissed my forehead and told me good night. It was those words that rang through my ears when I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep. It was those words that rested heavily in my heart because he was right; my father was always right. It was even those words that woke up this morning. Those words just continued to play in my mind like a broken song on the radio, over and over, even when I was supposed to be doing my homework for school on Monday.

The day is Saturday, October 5th of year 2132, and the time is precisely 7:26 AM.

I was supposed to be doing my homework, but my father’s words and my thoughts consumed my mind instead. My three older brothers and my father were all currently at work, while my mother and younger sister were out getting bread and milk.

Bread and milk were really the only things we could afford on a daily basis despite the fact of everyone (with an exception of my sister) having a job. These times were tough, chaotic like how my father words it. Everyone I know lives like my family does, or even worse. There was only a sliver of the population that didn’t struggle to meet means, and they were the lucky ones. I knew they were the lucky ones, but I didn’t pity my family. We lacked discretionary income but we weren’t living in dirt homes or worse- on the streets, where crime was something that was normal. We lived in the average house that was small but cozy, and sometimes had irregular temperatures due to no air conditioning and lack of heating.

When thinking of all this, I gazed around at our living room and noticed how the beige walls and overstuffed “antique” armchairs blended in together. Most people would think it’s depressing, but it wasn’t. It was comforting. The sound of the static television in the background was also comforting. You could faintly hear the words the news anchor was saying, but suddenly my mind drifted from my thoughts on my life and towards what was being said on the small 62 inch screen.

“Latest news update, the world’s best scientists have finally completed their two year work on Anticoterr. Inside sources have reported that scientists are going all around the world, from Europe to the Americas to Asia to Australia to Africa to find teenagers to take to this planet finally. This might just be the hope we needed.”

But then the static overtook his words and it was gone. However that was all that I need to hear. My father will be pleased once I tell him what the news just said. He will be elated actually. I can picture his face now: a wide grin, smile lines underneath his warm grey eyes and around his curling lips, while his dark eyebrows arching with a happy curiosity.

The image of his joyful face faded when I heard a loud scream come from outside. I looked at the television then at my medicine books then at my homework, and without thinking I stood up and sprinted outside to see what happened to cause the piercing screech. When I got outside, all I saw was a government official bending over a young girl. I realized what was happening and a lump formed in the back of my throat, not because of fear but because of how sickening this sight was. It reflected on what our society was now.

I cleared my throat and the man looked up with cold, heartless blue eyes. When he spoke, it sounded like he was hissing, “Aren’t you supposed to be studying Sadie?”

I winced at how he said my name but then fired back in a soft voice, “Aren’t you supposed to be working Agent Cade?”

He scoffed a bit, but stood up and fixed his pants so they were back in place. “Next time you talk to me like that, you’re going to hear from the government.”

I didn’t say anything in response, I just pursed my lips into a thin straight white line and watched Cade walk away. He was a bully. He was a jerk, and it was a cruel joke that he was a government official. There was a time where their job was to protect us and now they just added to the disorder.

Once he was out of sight though, my attention shifted to the girl. Her brown hair was in knots, and she was sobbing so hard that I could see her body was shaking. I walked over there feeling bad for her, but when I went to rest my hand on her shoulder in an act of comfort; she winced and turned her head away in shame. My heart felt like it shattered seeing these actions and so I knelt down next to her and purred softly,

“Hey now, you don’t have to be embarrassed. What happened wasn’t your fault.”

I heard her sniffle and she then looked up at me; her hazel eyes were clouded with tears. She wasn’t a day older than 13 years, and out of nowhere she hugged me. I hugged back but when I pulled away she looked down at her own hands and whispered,

“My knee, it’s burning.”

I chewed at the bottom of my lip and nodded, “Let me see your leg please

She looked back at me, and her eyes penetrated into my soul as if she was searching for something that would tell her she could trust me. She cautiously nodded after a mere few seconds and slowly showed me the bare leg, only to reveal a swollen, bloody knee.

Her expression was a faint one and she muttered underneath her breath, “My knee must have hit the gravel when he shoved me to the ground.”

I nodded in response and looked around before grabbing a broken piece of what must have been her shirt and asked, “Can I wrap your knee in this?”

She bobbed her head to say “yes” and with nimble movements, I tied the cloth around her deep open cut and didn’t stop until her knee was perfectly covered in this “bandage”. It needed to be perfect after all. The young girl let out a breath and gathered her broken pieces of clothes and slowly slipped in them. I looked away for courtesy, but heard her say thank you. When I looked back, she was already gone.

I couldn’t help but let out a breath that I was holding back. It was sad to know that this happens on a daily basis everywhere in the world. I just wish there was something I could do more.

“I want to help.” I said to myself.

A voice behind me suddenly spoke, “And you can.”

Startled, I turned around to see a middle aged man, probably the same age as my father. He was looking at me with a warm smile, and there was a sparkle in his brown eyes. I looked at him curiously, wondering who he was. He resembled a teddy bear with his large self and friendly demeanor.

“I’m Dr. Thilst, a scientist dealing with the Anticoterr project.” He stated as if reading my mind, then questioned me, “And you are?”

“Sadie Pakes.” I replied shortly, stunned.

He nodded and ran a hand over his bald head, “Well Sadie Pakes, if you want to help, I’d be happy to take you away from your home here in New York and take you to our base in Lichtenstein.”

I nodded slowly and answered in a quiet voice, “I’d have to talk to my parents about it first.”

“Oh of course.” Thilst replied back, before handing over a card with an address on it, “This is where I’m staying here. Come by if you decide to come and make a new world.”

I took the paper and twirled it in between my fingers, “I will.”

He nodded his head and shot a smile before walking away. I peered down at the paper and read the address at least ten times as if I was trying to grasp if that was actually real or some kind of joke. It didn’t seem like a joke, and when I looked up, my father was there smiling at me, as if he already knew what had happened. It was then I knew what my parents would say and what I would do. I was going to help create a brand new world.

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