A Whole New World


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Thank you epicsnicker for giving an idea for the title, all the credit for "A Whole New World" goes to you.

Chapter 2

Travis Corinth Stone

I shot up in my bed, sweat beading my forehead.

"Another nightmare, Travis?" Elizabeth, my little sister, asked. She sat in a squeaking rocking chair. Her small. wire-framed glasses magnified her eyes, which were staring right into mine. She could always read me like a book. I couldn't imagine a life without her.

"Yes, it was Skylar. The day that it happened." I said quietly.

"It's okay, you need your sleep." She stood up and walked over to her cot on the other side of the room. I closed my eyes and drifted back to uncomfortable sleep.

I sat in the back of Room 118, Ms. Garrett's History II class. She droned on about Pontiac's Rebellion as she scribbled unreadable words on the board. The ignoramus to my left leaned on his elbow, drifting into a rather loud sleep. The girl next to me stared at me with a creepy lust. I attempted to focus but Ms. Garrett's voice was like that teacher from Charlie Brown. After several long, boring minutes, three knocks came from the classroom door. Ms. Garrett slowly hobbled over to the door to allow Mrs. Long, the school counselor, to dash across the room with a few tears in her eyes. She crouched down at my desk. I stared at her with distaste, wondering why some crazy lady was here, staring at me with her beady brown eyes.

"Travis... Something very tragic has happened. This morning, 10:06 to be exact, your brother-" She said, but was cut off when the scene changed. I was now in Mrs. Long's office with my parents. Tears streamed down my eyes, as well as my mother and father's. Mrs. Long tried to comfort us, practically throwing the tissues in our faces.

'Beepbeepbeep, beepbeepbeep, beepbeepbeep!' The alarm rang in my ears. I whipped my hand on top of the OFF button and got up drearily. I grabbed a carton of milk from the fridge and two bowls from the cupboard. I poured the milk into the bowls, splashing a little bit on the counter. I rummaged through our half-empty pantry, finding a box of cereal cloistered in the back. I poured some in each bowl and took them over to where my sister sat, awaiting her breakfast.

"You know, you could have made breakfast this morning." I said, half kidding, half serious.

"But where's the fun in that, big brother?" She said, making herself giggle. Which wasn't saying much, she giggled at everything.

"We don't have time for fun anymore." I said quietly. There was a long pause before I spoke again, "Mom and dad go to work?"

"Yeah, they left around five o'clock."

"Oh." I took a scoop of cereal and chewed it. It was kind of stale but the milk softened it, "Well, I probably need to get to work. You'll be okay by yourself? No accidents?"

"I told you, it was Whisker's fault that he fell off the top of the roof!" She protested, milk dribbling down her chin. Whisker was our old cat. Death by roof. He was called Whisker instead of Whisker/s/ because after a different accident where Elizabeth had lit his whiskers on fire, only one whisker grew back.

"Bye!" I yelled as I shut the front door.


Beep. I put the item in the bag.

Beep. I put the next item in the bag.

Beep. I put the next item in the bag.

"Ma'am, your total is $49.50, will you be using any coupons today?" I asked. The mini mart. When I went looking for a job, this was the only place that was hiring. The pay is decent. The hours are flexible, so why not?

"$49.50?! This place is a rip off! I suppose I'll use the coupons..." The old lady rummaged through a ratty old purse and pulled out a wad of coupons. I took them and began to scan them.

"Ma'am, this coupon is invalid." I said, handing it back to her. I scanned the remaining and tapped the screen, "That reduces your total to 28.50."

"That's better! Still pathetic, but better!" The woman said, paying then walking off with her groceries.

"Have a good day!" I called after her, "or don't..." I said to myself.

I took off the mini mart apron, clocked out on the computer and left the check out counter.

"I'm leaving Meg!" I called into the store, letting her know to take the counter. I walked a few blocks before my life flashed before my eyes. A guy in a black jacket and flooding cargo pants walked up to me, pinning a pistol against my temple.

"Hand it over." He husked.

"Handed what over?" I asked, putting as much strength and courage into my voice as I could, not showing that I was terrified.

"Anything. Anything you got. Give it or I'ma shoot you down." He said, beginning to get agitated. Maybe being out in public with a firearm wasn't good for his image.

"Sir, if I may, open your eyes. Do you know what the economy is like around here? Don't you realize that I don't have anything to give you? Put the gun down, and go home. There is no reason to fight. No reason to take someone's life." I said, once again channeling my strength into my words. He listened. He shoved the gun in his pocket and ran off. Then I looked around and saw a man in a white coat watching me and that entire fiasco from across the street. He had tiny little spectacles that made his eyes look like tiny little pins. He began to walk swiftly over to me, his gray hair flying backwards in bitter wind. He finally reached me. I stood in awe in the fact that the scientist - judging from the ID card attached to his breast-pocket - Dr. Madison, was standing before me.

"Travis, I have a proposition for you. We are going to create a new world on a foreign planet. We will be ridden of poverty and crime. I want you to come with us. You have a way with words that makes you a force to be reckoned with. That's what we want. So, if your interested, meet me in my office at the address on this card." He said, tossing me a card. I looked down at it, scanning the details. I looked back up to speak, but he was gone.

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