A Whole New World


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Chapter 4

Alyssa Ryder Oakley

Light wind blew my hair as I lay back on the roof of my two story house staring at the stars. Space has always interested me; however, my mother has never allowed me to study it, much less do anything I enjoy. "Science is for boys," she says. "So is skateboarding and snowboarding, climbing, and adventuring. Girls are supposed to play with dolls, be good wives, and maybe major in English like me or teach something simple."

My father is different. He encourages me to learn about science and go on adventures in the forest behind our house (something that we are lucky to have access to) because he himself is an aerospace engineer, and one of the few men in his profession who has been able to help build the spaceship for a new project. He wont tell me much, but last time I talked to him he told me that I am gifted and might be lucky enough to participate. I'm pretty sure he was just saying that because that's his job as a father, yet part of me wants to believe him.

"Alyssa what are you doing up there?! You know mom is going to throw a fit if she finds out you're on the roof again." I looked down to see my brother Ian peeking his head out from my bedroom window.

"Fine I'll come back inside," I told him as I swung myself through the window and punched him playfully on his arm. After replacing the screen, I slid the window closed and turned to face him. "So, what have I missed?" I asked jokingly.

"Cade and Noah called. They're coming back to visit tomorrow morning and Cade has already promised to bring some new stuff!" A grin filled my older brother's face.

"Awesome! I wonder what crazy stuff he'll bring this time. Maybe he'll bring new games or some skateboard gear!"

We both knew that none of that would happen. Even though our family happened to be better off than most, life was hard for everyone these days. I had to sell most of my clothes and my old snowboard to help pay for food and rent since prices have gone up so much and dad's paycheck is starting to shrink.

"Breaking news....scientists....spacecraft," crackled the TV from the other room, and I rushed down the hallway so I could see what's going on. The screen lit up with the picture of a large, metal machine which was distorted by the horrible signal. "That's it," I tell Ian in awe as I watch the picture for another few seconds before the camera returns to the news reporter. The story intrigued me, especially the part about how they were looking for kids to start a new world.

"You know the chances of getting chosen are slim to none," Ian mumbled as he made his way down the hallway back to his bedroom.

"Yeah but I can still hope, right? Isn't that what dad always taught us?" I exclaimed as I followed him.

"You know mom wouldn't let you even if you were chosen." Ian usually wasn't one to get mad, but when he frightened me when he did get angry or annoyed.

"It's always what mom says, isn't it?"

"Well maybe if you actually listened to her for once you would realize that the world isn't the great place you think it is!"

"Do you think I'm still a child? The world is crumbling right in front of me, and I see it every day, everywhere we go! I just want to help turn this place back around again..." I could feel tears brimming in my eyes, so I left his room before he could respond.

"Wait Alyssa I'm sorry." I could hear Ian yelling after me, but I was already out on the roof again before he could catch up. Only this time, there was someone up there; a woman in a white lab coat, to be exact.

"Alyssa Ryder Oakley," the woman said calmly as I stood staring at her. She spoke as if she had known me my entire life.

"Who are you?" I asked as I climbed higher on the roof in order to put some distance between us for safety reasons.

"My name is Dr. Amelia Gregory, and I, along with a group of scientists, have been watching you recently. We believe you are a perfect candidate for our new project. I believe you are familiar with it because of your father?"

I stared at her with wide eyes, unable to do anything but nod. I had actually been chosen. What will mom say? I heard Ian's voice echo in my head, but I pushed it aside.

"Will you participate?" she asked. I could pick out a sincerity from her voice as she looked at me expectantly.

"Yes," I choked out. If mom said no, dad would help convince her to let me.

I would love to I thought as I watched her smile and disappear right in front of my eyes.

I wasn't sure if it was real, or if I was dreaming.

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