I'm very disappointed (Please read and Share)

Chapter 1

Giving up is cool now?

by: Hayato
So this morning i woke up to the following message im not gonna name any names and in no way am i trying to call that person out in story i'm not like that but that person said
"No offence, and I know my opinion means nothing, considering how little I do contribute... you must understand that you can't elect co-admins, they will have no power whatsoever. None. There is no point to them. If anything, you'd have to voice your opinions to the man in charge, and considering what I've been hearing, he's no longer talking. I'm just saying that I don't see what good those would do when they have no authority, no way of telling who they are, and the whole of quibblo is not behind this idea, or heard of it..
Sites do die. And I hate to say it, considering I've been here since **** have great memories, and miss so many people, but this one is dying. Every site I frequent is dying. It's quite depressing.

Again i antto say in no way am i tryingto call this person out or bemean but however thisperson is a perfect example of what wont help save quibblo. Though thisperson is right about somethings yes co-admins may be useless butits better tha just watching and doingnothing to try and fix it. And another thing thisperson isright not all of quibblo users are behind this or even heard of "Quibblo's Resurrection". But here is where i want to put in my words the only reason quibblo was a fun happy,and amazing place to log into was because the users themselves made that happen. Quibblo may be the admin of this site but we are the heart of it this ste wont get anywhere if people keep deleting and doubting that the website will ever be the same. Well it sure is not gonna be the same if you dont even try to contribute like this person did.
We all need to come togehter and be a unity this is the time to save quibblo or find some other social media network.

If you're with thisrate this story and share it,put your name down if you'd be willing be on the quibblo council.

Quick side note a council member will be the adviser for the "Leader" of the council giving advice and organizing things to kee this site going. Its not a 24/7 job andits not rocket science either so please come support

(p.s if there are any mispellingsi was in a rush and needed to get stuff off my chest)


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