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Chapter 1

The Character Creation Competition:

by: Grunge
Well hello there humans of Quibblo! I've decided that since I've banned myself from participating in any group stories, I shall make this to participate in instead. Welcome to Quibblo's first (I'm pretty sure it's the first competition like this. I haven't seen this made on Quibblo yet) Character Creation Competition! 

Alright, let's cut down to the basic idea and rules. Many of you know how group stories work; you read about the plot, see the character template, fill out your own, and hope the author chooses you to write with. Think of my Character Creation Competitions as group story sign-ups, minus the plot. You don't have to create a plot to go along with your character. Message me your character template, polished and perfected. Name the message: "Character Creation Competition." 

I will be the single judge of your characters. I will not be favouring anyone over anyone else in this context, close friends or not. This will not be biased; I will judge each character as precise and fair as I possibly can at the moment.

 You can add links to any songs/images/etc., but make sure description in words is your top priority. Always add extra images or links in a seperate area labled: Extra Links. 

Anyone can enter, but there is only one winner!

You will be judged mostly based on originality, organization, descriptive-ness, and balance of traits.

Make sure your Character Template consists of these main elements (however you can add more):

Physical Appearance:
Personality traits:
Background on character:

The reward for the winner will be a shout-out and illustration of your character by me.

The winner will be announced on November 21st! 

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