So this is a free verse poem about a thought that came to me today, with no real rhyming pattern. Let me know what you think.

Chapter 1


People say beauty is deceiving
and in some cases I guess that's true.

Just look at the snow for example;
its white and fluffy exterior
makes it look like its something gorgeous,
but when the snow snakes around you it bites.

However, if beauty is deceiving
then why do people say that everyone is beautiful?

Does that mean we are deceitful?
I'd like to think we are not;
I'd like to think we are good and actually define that word beautiful,
but then people call me naïve.

Can you blame me for being so?
My only knowledge comes from my experience with him.

I would say he is beautiful
because he is; he makes up the word exquisite,
but if beauty is deceiving
then he must be an exception
because deceiving is something he simply is not.

So this leads me to wonder,
is beauty actually deceiving?

Has it been all along?

Or is beauty something that just needs to have a deeper look and that's all?


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