Quibblo's Resurrection (Update)

Chapter 1

Part 3

by: Hayato
Alright everyone we're getting closer to sorting everything out. We have some candidates quallified for being on the quibblo council.mi will be making a poll to choose 8 council members (Why 8? 8 is symmetrical,symmetry is balance,balanceis key,key is perfection x3) So if any disbutes happen everyone wikl have to agree in the council and actually talk to each other until its solved just like jury duty. I myself will beputtingmy name on the poll not because i feel that i should be lected because itsmy idea its becausei want to help get this site better.
And you ca add your nae too if you fee like you shoukd be able to do this Just submit your namein the comments below Nickname(Username) and i you may be added. And once we get the most popular votes we'll have our council i hope you all will lend a hand


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