To All My Friends

Chapter 1

To All My Friends

I am SO sorry about not being on here for MONTHS. Life has gotten pretty busy around here.

Recently, I have been dabbling in fanfiction, which is also one of the reasons why I have not been on Quibblo for a long time. If you ever want to look me up on, my profile is ElvenPrincessOfNarnia~Kate. The link is on my Quibblo page.

I will try to visit this amazing site more often and create some more quizzes and/or stories.

If you ever want to email me, you can email me at or Just as a side note, I don't check my email that often, so don't be offended if I don't write back for a while! Also, please tell me who you are on here so I won't delete your email!

Shout-outs to all my friends, and to all the friends who have deleted or are inactive: Love you all, mellons-nin!


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