Roleplay Request! || November 29, 2014! || Open!!

Hey guys! My name is Mae, but you can call me whatever you like. I migrated from Quizilla, so now I'm trying Quibblo to find partners. I’m eighteen years old and in the middle of my first year of college. I discovered roleplaying about eight years ago and I have to say that I’ve changed a LOT since then. I’d appreciate it if you read my rules before messaging me. Thanks! Love, Mae.

Chapter 1


This will be an advertisement for strictly original roleplays. That means original everything: original characters, original plots, original love interests, etc.

>> Rules

[1. Grammar & Spelling]
I am an understanding person. Obviously we are all humans and we all make mistakes, so I don't expect you to be anywhere near perfect. I just ask that you have a basic grasp on spelling and grammar (capitalize names and places, end your sentence with a period, etc.).

[2. Length]
As far as length goes, I really don't have a huge problem. I will say that one or two lines just won't cut it. I would prefer at least three sentences, if not more. I will not judge your replies based on word count, meaning that I don't typically measure my own. As long as your reply is more than one or two lines, I will be fine. I prefer quality over quantity.

[3. Limits]
{What I am Comfortable With}
* Lemons [Detailed or Undetailed] *
* Spice *
* PWP [Plot? What plot? AKA Porn Without Plot] *
* BDSM *
* Swearing *
* Violence *
* Gore *
* Love Triangles *
* Love Squares *
* Love Hexagons *
* Yaoi *
* Yuri *
* Incest *
* Age Gaps [As long as they are within reason (Within Reason: Anything over 18 {I would prefer if it were under 50}; Out of Reason: Anything under 16; 16 and anything over 20.] *
* Noncon [only if asked, if my partner is okay with it, or if the plot involves it (I refuse to make anyone uncomfortable)] *
* Drugs *
* Drinking *
* Suicide *
* Kinks *
* Oral *
* Self-Love *
* Phone/Online Love *
* Pregnancy *
* Murder *
* Drama *
* OC Communication *

{What I am Uncomfortable With}
\ Bestiality \
\ Necrophilia \
\ Shota \
\ Loli \
\ Watersports \
\ Scat \
\ Emetophilia \

[4. Reply Time]
I am a full-time college student and a part-time employee. That being said, I may not be able to reply to you right away. Since I have told you this now, I would greatly appreciate it if you give me a few days of wiggle room to reply. I’ll try to get a reply out once every day, but if that cannot be achieved, expect one every other day or, at the very, very least, once a week. I very well doubt it will come to once a week, but I’ll warn you now.

[5. Stopping & Starting]
Want to stop? You don’t have to message me and give me a detailed message on why you want to stop roleplaying with me. If you want to ignore me, that’s fine.
If you want to message me, that’s great.

If I ask you to start – which I might, but I might not – do not pitch a fit about it. I am probably asking you because I am busy with a class, I don’t have time or energy, or I’ve just started twenty other roleplays and don’t feel like starting anymore. Don’t tell me, straight up, that I will start and I will be doing this. Please and thank you.

6. Location & Communication
{Where I am Comfortable With}
* Quibblo *
* E-mail *
* Google Docs *
* Pirate Pad *
* Skype [I will not video call] *
* deviantART *
* MSN Messenger *
* Yahoo Messenger *
* AIM *
* Fanfiction.NET *
* Kik *

{Where I am Uncomfortable With}
\ Facebook \
\ Texting \

[7. Miscellaneous [Characters, spotlight, plots, etc.]]
I have no problem with how people create their original characters. What is yours is yours and what is mine is mine. C’est la vie. If we are doing a modern high school plot and your character has ears and a tail, we will probably have a problem.

If you don’t know what kind of information to include or want to use a template, I have a few that I would love to share! I do ask that, if I let you use it and you use the form again, you credit me, please.

I only recently ran into this problem and I do hope that I don’t run into it again, especially since this is an original roleplay advertisement. I was discussing plots with a potential partner and she was talking all about what was going to happen to her OC and what her love interest would be doing and what my love interest would be doing with her character. Wait, hold on. Why is my love interest solely focused on her character? I asked this young lady, “Well, honey, that’s an awfully nice plot, and I admire that you wrote it all out and you put so much thought into it, but if all of this attention is going on your OC, what is mine supposed to be doing?” I waited, and her response was very, very simple: “it’s cool. take your time and think about it and let me know what you come up with. :)” …okay. For starters, that is rude; please do not try to focus the roleplay entirely on your character because, after dealing with it so much, I will drop you. No exceptions.

If, at any time in the roleplay, you decide you have something you want to add into the roleplay, don’t hesitate to tell me! I do enjoy when my partners let me know what they’re thinking and what they like. If we run out of ideas for the plot and you’d like to start over with a different idea, we can totally do that! I’m all for a lot of things.

Original roleplay means original roleplay. Do not copy pre-existing and/or copyrighted characters because, I promise, I will find out and you will be dropped. Your password to include is, "UP WE GO."

There is a reason as to why my rules are what they are. Let me make it known that no one is exempt from my rules. If you message me and you break one of the rules, I will either A.) tell you and ask you to fix it, or B.) drop you. I’ve had people argue that they weren’t breaking my rules, though they were. So please, please, please make sure you are reading these rules thoroughly.

When you message me, include the following:
* Password
* Your Limits
* Location
* Length Preference
* Yaoi, yuri, or straight?
* My OC x Love Interest and Your OC x Love Interest or Your OC x My OC?
* Plot(s) you're interested in.

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