Role-Play Rules

My rules and what I prefer when RPing

Chapter 1


1: No Mary-sue. It's annoying and just no.

2: Please DO NOT make it one sided. I dislike it and it makes me not want to rp with you. It HAS TO BE EQUAL. I cannot come up with everything. and please DON"T rp just for fan service. It wont happen.

3: I don't prefer yaoi/yuri I don't like to RP it. but it's okay AS LONG AS IT IF FLUFFLY AND NOT HARDCORE

4: please do NOT make canon characters OOC. Please. unless it's appropriate for them to be OOC at the time.

5: I love AU's. All of the AU's

6: please be 13 or older, or don't be freaking immature.

7: I don't do smut. If the characters intend to do the do. make it the morning after or something. I will not go into detail about certain things.

8: I wont rp anything I have not seen

9: don't pressure me into a rp

10: Please please please! Don't have your character self harming, suicidal, very depressed all the time( its fine to have sad moments and some drama here and there but not all the freaking time). I am NOT okay with that at all. It's not cute not funny or anything. it's very serious. Don't Do It.

and I understand people use rping to get away from the world and stuff like that

11: Please don't make it to where your character is perfect in every way. unless for a good reason. imperfection is perfect in my book.

But things I will RP are...

Thor/dark world (Thor)
Harry Potter Marauders (Remus Lupin)
Supermatual (Deam, Castiel)
Sherlock (Sherlock)

Black Butler (Finny)
Hellsing ultimate (Pip Bernadotte)
ouran high school host club (Tamaki)
Fullmetal alchemist (Edward Elric, Roy Mustang)
Free! (Makoto)
Devil is a part-timer! (Satan, alciel)
Hetalia (UK, Canada, America)

Harry Potter (Remus Lupin again)
Phantom of the opera (Raoul)

Those are my main ones but ask me if you wanna do one that's not listed.

Any question please do ask me.

Thank you~!


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