the torturous love

I fell in love

Chapter 1

the present...

by: Adam5
I went on a cruise with my family it was only a week I'm a outcast and thought maybe I could just not be so weird this time...but I was weird.I found others like me tho we hung out.there was one thing tho I hung out with one boy inpiticular. He was awesome cute funny just perfect for me. I learned he lived in a different state and...had a gf but we acted like that didn't matter it was a blast I spent more time with him as the end came near he found out that I liked him he kissed me several times I loved it..but nothing could last forever. He gave me his kik we've kept in contact and I believe I love him...he's so far and were so young maybe he doesn't even like me back maybe it was pity...Idk that's what kills me. I miss him wish I could go back to the cruise..I can't talk to a couple of friends they say they don't know him and don't care oh and I said he had kissed me once and one of them threatened to kill him.... So I'm stuck I can't talk to anyone and no one cares....I'm alone like always may update this is it for now...


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Created by Adam5


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